Open Ended Flower Activity

Our favorite types of activities in our house are ones that dont require a lot of guidance from us. We love watching our little toddler explore her own creativity. Little ones will have a blast creating their own little flowers.


Materials Needed

Construction Paper





We started by cutting out varies flower parts. The older your child is, the more selection they will enjoy having. The little one in our house is small, so we offered her only a small amount of choices.




Our favorite thing about open ended activities is that they are so relaxed and easy. We guided my little one to put the stems on first, then the circles for the middle of the flowers, then the peddles. Older children can be left to put the flowers together on their own.








Family Favorites in Erie PA

We recently took a trip to Erie, Pennsylvania without Mr. Not so Crafty. We try to do a trip with the toddler, Grammy, and myself at least once a year. There are many must do’s for our family while in Erie, but here are three of our absolute favorites.


The opinions in the post are my own. I am not being compensated in any way. I am simply providing links so that you can check out each place for yourself!


Presque Isle State Park

This unique state park has a little bit of everything. There are several beaches to swim at, trails to walk on, and a lot of history. The traffic is a little heavy leaving at night, but it is totally worth staying to watch the sun set.




The Erie Zoo

The Erie Zoo is a great place to visit with small children. It is small, but we like to visit it each summer. There is a very nice train ride and a merry-go-round. They also have a natural play area that our toddler had an amazing time in.




Waldameer is a water and amusement park that was such a huge part of my childhood. We always spent the morning in the water park and the afternoon and evening in the amusement park part. If you do not ride, you do not have to pay for the amusement park, so its a great place to just walk around and enjoy. They have a nice selection of rides and are constantly adding things.



If you’ve been to Erie, let us know what your favorite spots for family fun are!



Crab Craft

Kids can get a bit crabby (pun intended) when it’s time to take a break from outside summer fun, but this little crab is sure to be a hit while cooling down inside.


Materials Needed

  • Paper Plate
  • Red Paint
  • Red construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes


The prep work on this little crab is supper easy. Start by cutting out the middle circle from the paper plate. Next, cut out six “legs” and two “claws”. If your child is preschool age or older, you can just draw the shapes and they can cut them out their selves.


Let your little one glue on the legs and the claws to one side of the paper plate circle. After that is done, let it dry for at least 20 minutes. It will still be wet at that point, but if you do not want to wait for it to dry completely, it will be fine. We had plans today, so we wanted to do something that could be done before we left. Once you are ready to come back to the crab, flip it over and let your child paint it! When the paint is dry, help your little one add googly eyes.





Painted Pineapple Craft

It has been pretty warm here in Ohio, so it felt like the perfect time to do this tropical pineapple craft. This craft does need to dry in between steps, so it takes a little longer than the average art project we do, but it is still very simple.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper cut into a pineapple like shape
  • Green Paper
  • Yellow Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue




We started off by painting the pineapple yellow. If you have an older child, they can also cut out their own pineapple. Our toddler just used her fingers to paint.



We let the pineapple dry for about 3 hours, then sat back down to finish it. We used the green paper and traced the little ones hands with a pen. Then we cut those out. After that, we helped the little one glue the handprints to the back. That is all there is to this adorable little pineapple.






Must Haves for a Little Ones Hospital Stay

It has been a long last 10 days in our house. Just when we thought our tiny human was springing back from an illness, there was a second round that put her into the hospital for two nights. She is now really on her way to recovery, but we thought we’d share a few items that we highly recommend be in your bag if you find yourself living out of a pediatric hospital room for a few days!

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Even though you are likely so focused on your child that you could probably skip eating, it comes in handy to have things in the room. We had an amazing support system of family members willing to bring us in things and sit with the little one while we ran to get some food, but the snacks in my bag came in handy.

 Extra comfortable clothes

If you are going to sleep on a hospital chair or couch, you’ll definitely want to be comfortable doing so. I brought a pair of fuzzy pants, a clean outfit, and a weeks worth of undies!

Your own Blanket

Sometimes smaller hospital units do not have a huge linen supply and lets face it, hospital blankets are not thick enough to be comfy in cold rooms. Our fevered child didn’t mind the cold at all, but momma was shivering! The wonderful volunteers brought our toddler a beautiful hand made blanket, but bringing your own for you will allow for just a little more comfort.



When doing our first round of packing, pretty much all the essentials were forgotten. Thankfully my mom brought a huge bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash and deodorant. The room had a shower in it and just a quick five minutes of self care felt great.

If your child has been in the hospital, what else do you suggest packing?

Book Review Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut

The book Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Gordon C. James kept being talked about in various online groups I am part of, so when I saw it at our local library, I had to grab it. The following post contains an affiliate link to the book. When a purchase is made using an affiliate link, we may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps us keep the blog running! I am not being paid for my opinion nor was I asked by the author or publisher to give it.


This book is all around amazing. It is about a trip to the barber shop and one boys feelings related to getting this hair cut. At first, its easy to wonder how a book about a haircut could have earned so many awards. However, after reading it, you will see that it isn’t really about haircut a hair cut at all. It is a book full of Black boy joy and cultural importance. It is a book encouraging self esteem. This book is full of positive energy and beautiful illustrations. In my opinion, this book should be available in every library, elementary school classroom and home! While the book features a little boy, little girls will also enjoy the beautiful words and illustrations. My toddler sat captivated by every word as I read the entire book.

Lady Bug

We are just getting back into the swing of our daily routine after a week of sickness. The goal of this blog is to encourage parents, teachers, and other early childhood educators to go beyond Pintrest perfect and just focus on letting little ones explore their creativity. This little lady bug is a perfect example of this. The antennas are not on correctly, part of it is ripped on the back because the toddler tried to eat it, and the painting did not go as planned. Even with all this, the little lady bug is such a perfect example of who our little person is right at this moment!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. We may earn a small commission from items purchased through to links at no additional charge to you. This helps us keep writing and creating!

Materials Needed




So I started with cutting out shapes. I cut two circles and little antennas. Then I traced the toddlers hands and cut those out as well. This is really a craft you can do with infants and up. If the child is older, simply draw the shapes and let them cut the shapes out. If your feeling really silly, let them trace their own hands! When I was working in an early childhood setting, I was blown away by the amount of preschoolers who had never traced their own hands at home.


After everything was cut out, I helped my toddler glue it together. She connected the body to the head, put the antennas on, and glued on the hand prints for wings.






Next, I took a cotton swap dipped in black paint and I helped my toddler make the spots. The end result was a perfectly, imperfect little lady bug.