Five Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So if you have not already found the perfect gift for the amazing father in your life, you better get shopping! I have found a five totally out of the box fathers day gift ideas. Best of all, everything is $25 or less. This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. We may get a small commission at no additional charge to you when you purchase something from this list. All prices are listed as of the time this post was written.

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Paper Flower

Today has been a laid back day. My toddler is getting over her very first ear infection and I’m not feeling well either. We made this super simple, but super cute, flower together. This following post contains affiliate links from the Amazon Affiliate Program. We may get a small commission for items purchased from clicking on the links.


Materials Needed


I started by cutting out a green stem, two green leaf shapes, a brown circle, and two colors of petals. If your child is preschool age or older, you can just draw the shapes and have them cut them out. This is great fine motor skill practice. My child is too little for scissors, so I cut out all the shapes for her.


I gave my daughter the circle with glue all around the edges and let her place the petals on it.



Next, I helped her put the stem on the flower. After that, we put on each leaf. The older your child is, the less help they will need with this.




We let the flower dry for a few hours and then flipped it over to see the finished product.


Paper American Flag

This flag craft has both gluing and painting, so my daughter had a blast with it.


Materials Needed

  • White construction/ Computer paper
  • Red and Blue construction paper
  • white paint
  • scissors
  • Glue


We started out by cutting a blue square and some strips from the red paper. If your child is old enough, just draw lines and let them cut. Cutting with scissors is such a great way to practice fine motor skills. I then helped my daughter glue on the stripes and the blue square.



After that, I dipped my daughter’s finger in the white paint and we added the “stars”. This was her favorite part.





Paper Plate Dog

My daughters favorite word right now is “Dog”. She doesn’t say doggy, or puppy. It’s always simply “Dog”. Sometimes its a dog, sometimes its an elephant, but regardless, it is “dog”. Her love of dogs of all shapes and sizes has inspired this activity.



  • paper plate
  • black and white construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • crayons or markers
  • glue


We started with a blank paper plate, eight spots cut out of construction paper, ears cut out of construction paper, and two googly eyes. I drew a little nose and mouth on the paper plate. If your child is older, they can draw it on themselves. I’m not an artist, so it will likely look better than mine.



Next, I helped my daughter glue. She put the spots on the face, then the ears. Lastly, I helped her get the eyes on it. I let it dry a little bit then added on the ears. As with most of the activities I post, the older your child, the less guidance they will need.







Easy Popsicle Craft

So yesterday, at about 8AM, I decided that my daughter, my mom, and I should pack up and head to the zoo for the day. We have a membership to a local zoo and we do these random trips a lot. I had about an hour to spare before we would leave, so I came up with this overly simple activity to kill a few minutes of time.


Materials Needed

  • Popsicle stick
  • a half of piece of construction paper
  • crayons/markers/stickers
  • glue
  • scissors


I started off by just freehand drawing then cutting a popsicle shape from the piece of construction paper. I do not usually freehand draw or cut anything, because it ends up looking terrible, but this is a super easy shape to cut. Next, I let my daughter color on the shape. We used crayons, but the possibilities are really endless on how to decorate the popsicles.



Last, I just flipped it over and had my toddler help me glue a stick onto the back. This really was probably the easiest five minute activity ever!













Rainy Day Sunshine

We have had a lot of rain and clouds recently in Ohio, but yesterday morning, we brought some sun into our kitchen with this cute sun smiley face. This sun can be modified to be great for little ones who are 6 months to 8 years old.


Materials Needed

  • White paper
  • Yellow paint
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors

First I cut out a white circle and had my daughter paint it. She uses her hands, but older children can both cut out the circle themselves and use a paint brush or a sponge to paint the circle yellow.


After the yellow circle dried, I cut out yellow strips. I’d suggest between 15 and 20 strips. I then helped my daughter glue them on the back (the part not painted) of the sun.


This was definitely an all day project. We came back to it a total of three times. Once the glue on the back dried, I flipped it over. We added eyes and I guided her hand to make a little smile.


Let the Crafting Begin

Welcome to Confessions of a Not So Crafty Momma. I am a mom of one toddler with a background in early childhood education. I enjoy working with children and I absolutely love being a mom, but I am totally not a perfect mom. My daughters art projects, along with our home in general, show lots of love along with a healthy dose of chaos. I am here (along with my overly tolerant husband and my toddler) to share my passion for easy educational activities and crafts. I will also sprinkle some book reviews in there because early literacy is so important! Young children are so full of joy and I hope that this page will turn into a community where parents and caregivers can get a variety of ideas to foster learning that will last a lifetime.