My Favorite Things Caterpillar Activity- Free Printable Included

One of my favorite parts of parenthood has been watching my daughter’s interests, favorites, and personality develop. This cute activity and the free printable that goes with it will be fun to look back on for years to come. This easy printable activity can be done at home or in the classroom!

Materials Needed

A piece of construction paper, a printed activity sheet, glue, colored pencils, and scissors lay on a counter.

Computer paper and a printer
Construction paper
Pencils, markers, or something else to write with

This activity is effortless to prepare for. You just need to gather the supplies and print out the free file. After that, sit down with your little one and read each circle to them. If your child can write on their own, let them write each favorite thing down. If they are too young to do it independently, you can help guide their hand or even write down their answers yourself.

A child is writing on the printed activity sheet.

After the writing is done, encourage your child to draw a face on their caterpillar. The drawing can be as basic or as detailed as they’d like. If drawing isn’t your little one’s thing, you could use googly eyes or even a picture of them.

A child is drawing a face on the caterpillar.

After the drawing is done, help your child cut out the head and each circle.

A child is cutting out the caterpillar's head from a piece of paper.

To finish up this easy activity, help your little one glue the caterpillar onto the construction paper.

A child is gluing the caterpillar onto a piece of red construction paper.

If you do this fun favorite things activity with your little one, I’d love to see a picture or two! Please join my Facebook group and share how it turned out!

The finished activity is sitting on a counter.

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15 responses to “My Favorite Things Caterpillar Activity- Free Printable Included”

  1. Stephanie Grillo Avatar
    Stephanie Grillo

    What a fun activity to ignite a child’s imagination! Thank you for sharing.

  2. This looks like a very easy activity to keep a young child busy. It also incorporates both sides of their brain when drawing and writing!

    1. It is so easy and so much fun!

  3. That looks like such a fun activity to do with the kids. I love crafts like this because they promote creativity and family bonding.

  4. Such a cute and easy activity! Wish I had a little one to do this with 🙂

  5. Nnniiiccceeee…that’s a very lovely caterpillar! I think I could try it out with the children next week, as part of our lesson plan!

  6. Such a cute activity! It is nice to have some fun and educational things to do with younger kids.

  7. This would be a great activity after reading the Hungry Caterpillar! I think kids would enjoy it.

  8. This so cool and it feel like more like journaling for kids. Maybe that’s just me haha. Great idea anyway and will try it with my little brother. Thank you for sharing!

  9. This is such a fun activity for me to share with my students! Thank you for sharing. Passing this around to a few teachers now!

  10. Shilpa Bindlish Avatar
    Shilpa Bindlish

    These are nice to take to my class. Kids will enjoy it.

  11. What a fun idea! My 3 year old would love this!

  12. I homeschool and this was such a fun activity for my kiddos!

    1. I’m glad your family liked it!

  13. These are cool activities that can help kids get away from the screens of smartphones and ipads.

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