Why Cedar Point Is A Great Place For A Family Vacation

Cold weather has set in recently, and I am already dreaming of summer fun. One of my family’s favorite warm-weather destinations is Cedar Point. This Ohio amusement park may be known for its roller coasters, but it is also an incredible place to visit with young children.

A brief history of Cedar Point
Cedar Point is more than just a theme park. It is a family vacation experience that everyone can enjoy. The history of Cedar Point goes back to 1870 when it opened as a public bathing beach. Cedar Point was the first amusement park to be built on Lake Erie and has now grown into one of the most popular theme parks in the world.
What to do with young children at Cedar Point
You can find many fun things to do at Cedar Point with young children. You can visit the water park, check out the wide variety of kid rides, catch a show, or even play some games.

As you enter the park, you will find the Midway Carousel and Ocean Motion. The carousel is excellent for kids of all ages, and although the Ocean Motion does have a height requirement, it is only 39 inches, so it is a great choice for adventurous children.
Kiddy Kingdom features classic children’s amusement park rides like 4×4 trucks and dune buggies. These rides are for small visitors who can walk independently. My five-year-old did not enjoy this section of the park much this year, but it was her favorite last year.
The next section of the park that young children will enjoy is Planet Snoopy. This area has rides that are slightly more thrilling but still family-friendly. Younger children can ride most things with parents, and children above 36 inches can ride independently. My daughter’s favorite rides in this section include Snoopy’s Deep Sea Divers and the Kite Eating Tree. This area also has fun meet and greats with Peanuts characters.

The best themed family area in the park is Camp Snoopy. It features two kid-friendly roller coasters and a bunch of other adorable rides. This area is also home to an interactive boat ride that is only a few years old, but that was a one and done for my family.
The park has several other rides scattered around the park that young visitors can enjoy, along with entertainment, shopping, and restaurants with kid-friendly food.
Tips for visiting Cedar Point with young children
Consider staying two to three days.
Cedar Point really is a multi-day destination. There is so much to do. Young children often cannot go the entire day at a theme park, so getting a hotel nearby and staying multiple days can help the whole family enjoy the park without worrying about stuffing everything into one day. Taking breaks away from the park or planning short days can help prevent meltdowns and exhaustion.

If you are staying multiple days, consider buying a season pass.
Cedar point offers several season pass options. They each have different perks, but most offer free parking along with food and merchandise discounts. Children from three to five may be eligible for a free pass. Before your trip, look at current pass prices and see if buying a pass may save you money.
Bring a stroller.
Even if your child does not typically use a stroller, consider bringing one to Cedar Point with you. The areas with children’s rides and attractions are spread out a little bit, so a stroller is a great place for kids to rest while you are moving from one place to another. A lot of dining has outdoor seating, so a stroller can offer your child a comfortable place to sit and eat.

Take lots of pictures.
Remember to document your day! There are so many opportunities and unique places to take photos. You can also buy a pass to get ride photos and any other pictures taken by photographers around the park, although I did not find that to be a good value for my family.
Make sure everyone stays hydrated.
Since Cedar Point is open seasonally, it is hot for most of the operating season. Last year, we went after it had only been open a few weeks, and it was already in the low eighties. Remember to take frequent drink breaks.

If someone in your family has a disability, do not forget to stop into accessibility services first.
Visiting a theme park can be a little stressful if someone in your family has a disability. Cedar Point has a variety of ways that they can help, but the first step is talking to an employee at accessibility services. They will inform you about available accommodations and explain how to use them. Any ride with steps in the line can be accessed either by elevator or an exit that does not have steps. If your child has a disability that causes difficulty waiting in line, they will be able to wait outside the lines with the boarding pass program, although the rides designed just for kids rarely have long lines.

Cedar Point is a perfect destination for families with young kids. They have many rides that were designed with kids in mind. The park offers a lot of entertainment for guests of all ages.

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I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to Cedar Point? What is your favorite family-friendly attraction at the park?

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23 responses to “Why Cedar Point Is A Great Place For A Family Vacation”

  1. Cedar Point sounds like a great place. I really love parks that are so wholesome and downhome feeling like this one.

    1. It is a wonderful place to visit!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Cedar Point, it sounds like so much fun. If I am ever in the area I am going to stop.

  3. I have not heard of Cedar Point and it looks like my family and I are missing out! This looks like a fun place to visit and not just for me but for everyone. My son would surely love it here!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. It is a wonderful place to visit!

  4. My kids loved visiting amusement parks when they were younger! I have so many fond memories!

  5. Oh fun, I love checking things with younger kids since I have one. He’s not very much into the big roller coasters and stuff that his mom loves!

    1. My daughter loves big rides, but she’s small for her age, so she isn’t tall enough for too many of them. When she does find a roller coaster she can ride, she rides it over and over again.

  6. Every one of my kids has been in each of those kid rides. We love Cedar Point!

  7. Stephanie Grillo Avatar
    Stephanie Grillo

    I have always wanted to go to Cedar Point and this article has piqued my interest again. Thank you for all the tips!

  8. This place looks like so much fun and a great place for families.

  9. This place looks like so much fun! I wish we had somewhere like this at home. We have no themeparks at all, little or large!

    1. We are very lucky! We live within two hours of three great amusement parks and there are a lot more within a day’s drive.

  10. Ooo looks like you had an amazing adventure for sure. A theme park is a great way to spend a day and enjoy some thrills x

  11. You certainly have a point there. It does sound like a great place to take the kids. Mine would love it so much there. I would definitely take lots of pictures.

  12. What a lovely place and has a lot of fun things to do, I have some friends there but didn’t tell me about this. Seem a good family trip to there.

  13. Oh wow…this is my first time hearing of Cedar Point. I have loved the history of it and I would love to visit there, some day.

  14. Life With Sonia Avatar
    Life With Sonia

    I’m gonna have check this place out for a short holiday next year.

    1. It’s worth a trip!

  15. This looks vey family friendly and fun! What a great place!

  16. Bedabrata Chakraborty Avatar
    Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I love your photographs of Cedar Point. Why only kids even I would love to visit Planet Snoopy!

  17. I have heard so many great things about Cedar Point. It really does sound like a fun place to visit as a family.

    1. It’s a great park!

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