Snowman Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Winter weather is here! I think one of the best parts of winter is staying inside and crafting with my daughter. This fun snowman craft is super easy. It’s perfect for children to do at home or in the classroom.

Materials Needed
Two Paper Plates
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper
Black Crayon Or Marker
A Stapler
Pom Poms

A paper plate sits on top of construction paper. There is a stapler, googly eyes, pom poms and scissors on the plate.

Start this fun craft by cutting the outer edge from one of the paper plates. You will only need the smaller circle in the middle.

Two paper plates are stapled together.

Next, staple that smaller circle on the top of the second paper plate.
After that, draw a triangle for the nose and three rectangles for the scarf. Give two of the rectangles a little fringe on the end. After the prep work is done, let your little one cut out the shapes.

Construction paper with shapes drawn on them are placed on a table around the center of a paper plate.

Once all the cutting is done, the real fun can begin! Help your child glue on the eyes and nose.

A child's hand places a googly eye on the paper plate snowman.

After that, give them the black crayon or marker to make small circles for the mouth.

A child draws on the paper plate snowman.

Once the head is all done, let your little one glue the scarf over the staples. To finish up this fun little craft, have your child glue on the pom poms in the center of the bottom plate.

The paper plate snowman sits on a brown table.

If your little one enjoyed this craft as much as mine did, I’d love to hear about it! You can leave a comment or join my Facebook group to share a few pictures!

The paper plate snowman is sitting next to a Christmas gnome.

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18 responses to “Snowman Paper Plate Craft For Kids”

  1. Awe! I can’t wait to do this with my daughter in a few years!!

  2. That is such a cute craft idea for the kiddos. What a fun way to get them into the holiday spirit.

  3. Oh this is so cute! Budget friendly and I’d have three little snowmen to put on the wall. I might do this!

    1. Ours is hanging up on my wall right now!

  4. This is so easy to make but beautiful. My kids love crafts in the Holidays!

    1. It was so easy and so much fun!

  5. my daughter would enjoy creating this.

  6. This is really cute! My kids are a little old for this now, but I will pass this onto a friend of mine who has small kids.

  7. This is a super fun craft for preschoolers!

  8. I love crafts that we can do with basic things on hand. Minimal prep and expense!

  9. Really cute idea! Definitely going to do this with my kids!

    1. Please feel free to join my Facebook group and let me know how they liked it!

  10. So cute! This is the perfect craft for the kids while they’re home for the holidays.

  11. Love winter projects and stuff. This one looks so cute and my little brother would enjoy making it. It’s easy and don’t require much. Thank you for sharing with us!

  12. What a cute idea! It is nice to have some easy crafts for kids during the winter, and to keep them busy over the holiday breaks.

  13. Wow. Amazing how easy you can make one. I’ll show this to my niece so she can make one also. Thanks

    1. I hope she enjoys it! My daughter loved making hers!

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