Easy Oven Baked Blueberry Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes, it can be hard to get going in the morning. This is where my oven pancakes come in handy. They only require two ingredients, plus some water! These pancakes can be prepared in minutes and only take 15 minutes to cook. You can have a filling breakfast in a hurry, saving you time and energy for the rest of the day. These pancakes aren’t just for breakfast. They also make an excellent option for lunch or dinner. So why not give them a try?

Birch Benders pancake and waffle mix sitting next to a clear bowl of fresh blueberries.

Pancake Mix
Blueberries (You can substitute any fruit you’d like)

A bowl of pancake mix sits on a counter behind a small clear bowl of fresh blueberries.

These easy baked blueberry pancakes require almost no prep work! Start by preheating the oven to 425 degrees. Next, prepare your pancake mix based on the instructions on the package. I added an extra half cup of water to mine to get the consistency I wanted.
To finish this easy recipe, mix in the blueberries and pour it all into a 3-quart glass casserole dish. Bake it for 15 minutes.

This is a bowl of pancake batter with blueberries mixed in.

Once this dish of easy blueberry pancakes comes out of the oven, you can use a pizza cutter or knife to cut it up into easy to eat pieces. Serve them with syrup, butter, or any other preferred topping.

Baked pancakes in a glass dish.

This recipe is perfect for big families or sleepovers, but you can also freeze the pancakes and have a pre-made breakfast on hand for busy mornings.

A piece of baked pancake on a plate.

If you try this recipe, I’d love to know what you think! Please leave a comment below to let me know how it turned out for you, and don’t forget to join my Facebook group to share a few pictures!

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24 responses to “Easy Oven Baked Blueberry Pancakes”

  1. I have never heard of doing pancakes in the oven. Looks much less messy.

    1. It’s so much easier and they taste so good!

  2. This is 100 times easier than what I’ve been doing! Such a good life hack 🙂

  3. What a great recipe for a yummy breakfast. I love anything with blueberry. I should try this pancake sometimes.

    1. They were so good!

  4. This looks like such a great way to save some time & make sure all the pancakes are the same temp! It always takes forever making them by themselves in a pan on top of the stove.

  5. I`m glad I found your recipe. We have a lot of blueberries and I want to make something healthy. Pancakes in the oven sound great!

    1. They were so good!

  6. Oh that’s really easy and looks delicious! Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe and I would love to try this at home some day.

  7. Oookkkaaayyyy…these pancakes don’t look so hard to make. I just have to find blueberries here. Thanks for sharing about them.

    1. They are super easy to make!

  8. It’s been a while since I had pancakes and this look yummy. Maybe we can do this as fast way to make them.

  9. Looks good, but not sure if it’s too sweet for my taste. I eat less sugar these days.

    1. You could use a keto pancake mix and just get the natural sweetness from the fruit to make it a little healthier!

  10. Life With Sonia Avatar
    Life With Sonia

    I love how juicy those berries looks in the pancake. I definitely try this method.

    1. The berries were so juicy when baked!

  11. never tried pancakes in the oven before but they sure look fluffy and so delish.. will try them out soon..t hanks for the recipe

  12. colossalumbrella Avatar

    Wow! i have never had Baked blueberry muffins. Would love to try this recipe. seems like a good recipe for kids to enjoy

  13. I would have never thought to make pancakes in the oven. This sounds like an interesting way to prepare them.

  14. So much easier than making individual pancakes. Love it.

    1. It is so much easier! I think they taste better too!

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  16. […] Easy Oven Baked Blueberry Pancakes […]

  17. […] Easy Oven Baked Blueberry Pancakes […]

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