Adorable Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving will be here soon. Although my household doesn’t celebrate the traditional meaning behind the day, we still have an annual feast with family and friends. Many people eat turkey on Thanksgiving, so I wanted to share this cute turkey craft. This simple paper plate craft is easy for toddlers and young preschoolers to make.

Materials Needed
A Paper Plate
Brown Paint
A Paint Brush
Construction Paper
Googly Eyes

This paper plate turkey is super easy to make! Start by helping your child paint the paper plate brown.

While the paint is drying, draw feathers onto construction paper. You will need approximately 14 to 16 feathers. After that, draw a triangle for the beak on yellow construction paper and the wattle on red paper.

After all that is drawn, you can either cut the feathers and other turkey parts out yourself or let your little one do the cutting.

Once the paper plate is dry, flip it over and have your child glue on the feathers.

After the feathers dry, turn the plate back over and have your little one glue on the googly eyes, beak, and wattle.

I hope your kids will enjoy making this cute turkey craft as much as my daughter did. Crafting with small children is a great way to spend time together and make memories!

If you make this paper plate craft, I would love to see a few pictures! You can join my Facebook group to share crafts you try from the blog, stories about parenthood, and so much more.

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16 responses to “Adorable Paper Plate Turkey Craft”

  1. Stephanie Grillo Avatar
    Stephanie Grillo

    This will be a great project for the kids to make before Thanksgiving! They are always so proud of themselves when they get to make the holiday decorations. Thank you for the instructions.

  2. That’s super adorable! I’ve always loved doing crafts like this with the kids for the holidays. It’s such a fun way to bond and enjoy the holiday.

  3. That is the cutest! I think that’s such a great way to extend the fun of the holiday season.

  4. Yes, I can’t believe that it is almost around the corner! This is such a cute craft and perfect for little ones. I love doing things like this with my son. Not only is it therapeutic for me but like you said, it’s a great way to make memories. Sign me up!

    Maureen |

  5. What a cute little craft! I think my boys did something similar in preschool and I still have it in the attic with my Thanksgiving decorations.

  6. Aw that is a super cute cratft! I Used to love doing paper plate crafts with my daughter when she was a toddler/preschooler…perfect activity for that age range.

  7. Ohh this is so cute. Kids will love to do this paper plate craft and nice way to engage them in Thanksgiving craft.

  8. Doing something productive with kids is a great time to bond with kids and at the same time it promotes the kids’ creativity.

  9. My kids would love doing this for sure! This is a really cute craft!

  10. Life With Sonia Avatar
    Life With Sonia

    Awww this is so adorable. My daughter would love this craft.

  11. This is such a great craft idea. Perfect for the season and to keep little ones entertained and having fun.

  12. This is SO cute! I am going to make this with my girls 🙂

  13. Hihi…it turned out perfectly. I love it’s brown face, the most.

  14. This is fun idea to do with kids. I will pass it to my family to try it. Thank you for sharing!

  15. This is a cool idea! I will probably be adding this on our Halloween activity for the kids! Thanks for the idea!

  16. That is an awesome and fun idea to do with the kids! Perfect for this upcoming Halloween to add more bonding moments.

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