Turn Mini Donuts Into Pumpkins In Under 10 Minutes

Turn mini donuts into fun little pumpkins with just a few ingredients! These fast and easy pumpkin donuts make a fun treat for both kids and adults.

Quick And Easy Pumpkin Donuts

Every once in a while, I will pick up mini donuts to give to my daughter for breakfast. They go great with a big glass of milk! This week, I turned them into fun little pumpkins.

Icing, candy eyes, powdered donuts, and green skittles are laid out.

Powdered donuts
Orange Icing
Candy Eyes
Green Skittles or M&Ms

These cute donuts won’t take a lot of work to make. Start by spreading the orange icing around the middle of the donut.

After that, stick on the candy eyes. To finish these ridiculously easy little pumpkins, just put a little icing on the green candy and stick it towards the top of the donut.

Four donuts sit on a black plate.

Since some mini donuts have bigger holes in them than others, the icing might drip out. That is perfectly fine! It just gives the pumpkin a more expressive face.

My daughter absolutely loved this sweet treat, and I hope your little ones will also enjoy their donut pumpkins!

If you make these sweet little pumpkins, please head over to my Facebook group to share how they turned out!

16 responses to “Turn Mini Donuts Into Pumpkins In Under 10 Minutes”

  1. Stephanie Grillo Avatar
    Stephanie Grillo

    These are so adorable. A great project to have the kids help me with for their holloween party!

    1. They would be such a cute addition to a Halloween party!

  2. These are adorable! And so easy to make!

  3. great idea with Halloween coming up thanks for sharing ill be tying this with the kids!

  4. These look good and fun to do with family in this season. I can’t wait to try decorated stuff with my family. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I was searching for something small, easy and matching a theme for our next party. Thanks for these cuties!

  6. Hehe….this is genius actually. I will ask Quinlan to help me out with this adventure. Thanks for sharing about it.

  7. Life With Sonia Avatar
    Life With Sonia

    They look so cute. Too cute to eat.

  8. oh my goodness they are so cute. And you reminded me I have donuts in the refrigerator to take to my students today. What if I would have forgotten them??? LOL

  9. This is such a fun idea that’s perfect for halloween! Can’t wait to try this one out.

    1. They were so much fun to make!

  10. Such a creative idea. I’m sure the kids will love this donut so much for the Halloween.

  11. colossalumbrella Avatar

    Omg! these are so cute and definitely worth trying out this Halloween.

  12. wow this is so easy to make. I would like to try this with my daughter

    1. I hope she enjoys them as much as my daughter did!

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