Easy Ways That Parents Can Boost A Child’s Self-Esteem Every Day

Self-esteem plays a critical role in a child’s overall development. Children with high self-esteem typically adjust better to new situations, get better grades in school, and exhibit fewer personal behavioral issues. Parents and caregivers can use these five strategies to boost their child’s self-esteem.

Show Unconditional Love Every Day

Children need to hear how much you love them every single day. This gives them a sense of security and belonging. A foundation of unconditional love and support is crucial to help children develop a strong sense of who they are. Unconditional love from parents forms the base children need for all the healthy relationships they will create later on in their lives. Never pass up an opportunity to let your child know you love them. Hug your child before they leave for school each day, snuggle together before bed, and be generous with the phrase “I love you.”

Celebrate The Little Things

Give your child little opportunities throughout the day to feel successful. Try to give them age-appropriate tasks and goals. These little accomplishments and the praise they get for them will help your child learn that they are capable and valuable. Provide your child specific feedback highlighting what they have done well instead of just offering general praise.

Let Your Child Take Healthy Risks

The freedom to take risks is essential for healthy development. For a child to build confidence in their ability to navigate the world, they need to be allowed to take chances and make choices. A child also needs to learn to take responsibility for those choices. When parents constantly prevent their children from failing, instead of letting them explore natural consequences, it lowers a child’s self-esteem.

Model Positive Self-Esteem

Parents or other custodial guardians are the most substantial influence in a child’s life. Friends and other relatives do have an impact, but parents have the longest-lasting effect. If you are critical of yourself in front of your child, they will likely adopt a similarly negative opinion of themselves. When you show that you can embrace your weaknesses and strengths, you encourage your little one to do the same.

Treat Your Child With Respect

Avoid being overly critical of their behavior when a child makes a mistake or poor choice. It is important to remember that what we say to a child after they make mistakes can significantly impact them. Harsh words can be damaging to self-esteem. A parent’s constant criticism can cause children to view themselves negatively. Take time to explain to your child precisely what about their behavior is bothering you, and don’t forget to remind them that you will always love them.

As a parent, intentionally working to build your child’s self-esteem is worth the effort. These strategies will help set your kids up for success now and in the future. You may not get everything right all the time, but that is okay. The important thing is that you are consistently trying to make sure that your child feels loved and supported.

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19 responses to “Easy Ways That Parents Can Boost A Child’s Self-Esteem Every Day”

  1. I love all of these ideas! This is something my husband and I have worked on since our kids were small. We encourage their interests, we help them learn & grow, we tell them often how much we love them, how awesome they are,etc. it is so important for kiddos to hear all of that.

  2. Yes, these are such great ways to boost a child’s self esteem. And many of these are easy, little things that we can do daily.

  3. I love these so much! Raising a child with good self-esteem is so important, but it’s a little harder than it seems.

    1. It can be hard and has to start as early as possible!

  4. This is such a beautiful and heart warming post. Most parents should strive to boost their kids every day self esteem. Now more than ever before. I can’t say it was a thing when we were kids. My parents didn’t have much of their own so they had no clue how to instill it in us.

    1. I can relate to this! I had a great childhood, but parenting was just different when I was growing up. I love that now many parents are focusing on gentle parenting and helping children focus on emotional growth.

  5. Unconditional love is definitely so important. It’s what kids need and sometimes don’t get enough of.

  6. This is awesome and it’s very important. I will share this with my parents. Thank you for sharig!

  7. These are all useful ways to help boost a child. I think celebrating the little things is often undervalued and can make a big impact.

  8. Brilliant article and always important to read articles like this, as it helps parents to reflect, learn and put into practice x

  9. bethabeautifulcrazylife Avatar

    There is no substitute for modeling a healthy self-esteem. I learned this when my children were young and tried to never complain about my “baby body” in front of them.

  10. Showing unconditional love every day seems like the best thing to do, but also so hard. I don’t believe we really know what unconditional love really means tho.

  11. Love reading articles like these. Though I am not a parent, I try putting tips like these in to action with my nieces and nephew.

  12. Love the ‘let your child take healthy risks’ sometimes as parents we can be too protective

    1. I started off as one of those overprotective parents, but I’m so glad that I learned to let my daughter take the risks she needed for healthy development.

  13. I agree with you. Parents can play a great role to boost their children’s self esteem.

  14. Such a good post and something we need reminding of often! I still make mistakes and say the wrong things but learning all the time.

  15. lindseydelossantos Avatar

    Great advice, parenting is such a gift. Thank you for sharing.

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