Candy Corn Person Printable Craft- Free Kids Printable Included

This image features the text "silly candy corn craft" and an image of a candy corn with arms and legs

I love candy corn! That love inspired me to create this adorable candy corn person. You can scroll down to find the totally free printable that you will need to make this fun craft with your little one.

Materials Needed

  • The free printable candy corn person
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • A piece of black construction paper
  • Glue

Start by printing out the free candy corn printable. Give both pages to your child to color. I printed ours out on regular printer paper, but you can also use card stock.

After the coloring is done, help your child cut out the candy corn shape along with the arms and legs. If you are doing this activity with multiple children who aren’t ready to do the cutting themselves, you can stack several pieces of paper on top of each other and cut them out all at once to save time.

After the cutting is done, it is time to glue the candy corn person together onto the black construction paper. If your child wants to personalize their project, they can draw on a hat or a bow on the construction paper. There is really no limit to the fun ways they can make this project their own.

I hope your child enjoys making this candy corn person as much as mine did! It’s a simple but fun craft to celebrate the fall season. It is a great craft to do at home, but it is also an excellent choice for art time in a classroom.

5 responses to “Candy Corn Person Printable Craft- Free Kids Printable Included”

  1. Very cute project. We will be doing this one for sure! I always want to like candy corn because they look great, but not my fav….my kids on the other hands all LOVE it.

  2. This is cute! Thank you for sharing this free printable. I am pretty sure my kids will enjoy doing this activity. Will print them tomorrow.

  3. This looks like fun! It is nice to have some cute holiday themed activities for little ones.

  4. that is so cute and fun!! will share with others who have younger kids

  5. Such an easy but fun activity with the kids today! Thank you for the free downloadable template.

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