Ice Cream Name Game. A Free Name Recognition Printable.

Name recognition is an extremely important skill. Most children learn best during playtime, so I created this fun name recognition game. You can print out the file for free and let your child enjoy the game over and over again.  

Ice Cream Name Game 

Materials Needed  

  • Ice-Cream Game Printable 
  • Pens, Pencils, Crayons, or Markers 
  • Cardstock 
  • Scissors 


Start by printing out the free printable. Next, cut out each item. If your little one is old enough to use scissors, you can let them do the cutting. Once it is all cut out, help your child write their name on the ice cream cone. After that, write each letter of their name on the individual scoops of ice cream. My daughter is already able to recognize and spell her name, so she did all the writing. If your child is younger and just starting the process of learning their name, you can write their name for them.  

Once the prep work is done, the fun can begin! Have your child use the ice cream scoops to spell their name. They can start from either the bottom of the cone and build up or start with the first letter of their name and move down towards the cone. My daughter did it both ways and had a lot of fun.  

To make the pieces from this fun game last longer, you can laminate them.

9 responses to “Ice Cream Name Game. A Free Name Recognition Printable.”

  1. How cute! This is a fun way for a child to learn their name spelling and write their name too!

  2. Such a fun way to learn incorporating learning with games. I’m sure kids will love this kind of game.

  3. Such a great and fun game plus it’s very unique. Family will definitely enjoy this game and will add some learning to our kids too. Loved it!

  4. What a cute game! Little learners will enjoy this activity.

    1. My daughter really enjoyed it, even though so is already familiar with her name!

  5. This is a cute activity! I love how it helps kids practice several skills like cutting, glueing and writing.

  6. Great activity to practice motor skills and of course have fun.

  7. Okay, that’s ridiculously cute. What a fun way to get kids to practice their letters!

  8. This looks fun and easy to follow and we would love to try this ice cream name game. Thank you for the printable. That’s super helpful.

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