Daffin’s Chocolate Kingdom

If you are from Northwest Pennsylvania or Northeast Ohio, you’ve probably heard of Daffin’s chocolate kingdom. This unique store is located in Sharon, Pennsylvania and although it’s a well-known place to visit during the Easter and Christmas holidays, it is worth visiting any time of the year.  

When we entered the store, my daughter was immediately drawn to the amazing chocolate display in the middle of the store. The incredibly detailed display includes a fire-breathing dragon, deer, frogs, and so much more! Further back into the store, there is an even bigger and older display. This area contains chocolate sculptures of several large animals, a train, a Ferris wheel, a village, a castle and more. On past visits, there was an employee handing out chocolate samples, but there was a sign that said they are not currently doing that.  

Daffin’s has more to offer than just a unique display made of chocolate. They also have reasonably priced chocolate, candy, cards, and gifts. We had a birthday party to go to the day after our visit, so we picked out a card while we were there. We didn’t buy any candy on this trip, but on past trips, I’ve picked up both chocolate and saltwater taffy. It was all delicious!  

Daffin’s is a great place to visit. Have you been there? Please leave a comment to let me know how you liked it or head over to my Facebook group and post a few pictures!  

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