Coral Reef Paint Blowing Art

Summer is the perfect time for messy art! Paint Blowing is a great art activity for kids. It is super fun and the artwork produced is amazing.  This coral reef paint blowing art project is sure to be a hit with your family!  

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Materials Used

White Paper

Brown Paper




A Straw

I started this fun art project by giving my daughter the brown paper to cut out. I told her to cut a strip of paper however she wanted it. She decided to make it wavy.

Next, I helped her glue the brown paper onto the white paper.

Now for the fun part! I put small amounts of paint just above the brown paper and showed my daughter how to use the straw to blow the paint.

The end result was a unique piece of coral reef inspired art!

Book Suggestions

Are you looking for a book to go with this fun art project? Here are a few suggestions!

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