Why You Should Send Handwritten Mail

In our digital world, it is extra special to get something in the mail. Since half of what most of us get in our mailbox is junk mail, handwritten thank you cards, birthday cards, and notes get noticed. Not only is a handwritten card or note more personal than an email, they are also more fun because you get to pick out the design of card or paper you are sending! Today, I want to share five reasons why handwritten cards and notes are better than electronic ones.  

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Cards show You Care 

Unlike an email, there are so many ways to customize handwritten mail! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The mail itself can feel like a special gift when it is received. Handwritten notes and cards are just more personal than emails. Even if you are short on time or have a disability that keeps you from writing a card yourself, you can use a service like Handwrytten to help you add that personal touch! Handwritten mail always expresses your personality in a way that an email cannot.  

Handwritten Mail Brings Back Childhood Memories  

There is a special feeling of connection that comes from receiving a letter or card. In today’s world, it can be easy to feel like you do not truly connect with many people. Receiving and sending handwritten mail can bring back childhood memories. Even though they are not sent as often now, handwritten notes and cards will never go out of style.  

People Will Open The Envelope

Handwritten mail is more likely to get opened than emails are. It is super easy to overlook an email. Occasionally, I find out an email was sent but never even made it into my inbox. Since we are all so busy, and most communication takes place through email, there is something special about getting a handwritten letter or card in your mailbox. Sending emails might be super easy, but handwritten mail is always very much appreciated. If you need the connivence of email, but want to provide beautiful handwritten cards, check out huge variety of options that Handwrytten has to offer at affordable prices.  

Cards Offer A Personalized Touch For Small Business Owners  

If you are running a business or a side hustle, sending a handwritten thank you note to customers adds a personalized touch. It will make customers feel more connected to your business. Handwritten notes and cards are great for both reaching out to a new business prospect and sending your appreciation to a longtime client. Sending handwritten cards to people in your network can be an effective way to maintain business relationships.  

Handwritten Mail Stays Around Longer

While most people will delete an email pretty quickly, it is much more likely that someone will hang onto a handwritten card or note. The person may even read it several times or keep it around their house so they can enjoy it for months to come. Handwritten mail will stick around much longer than the average email. It might take a bit longer to handwrite the note or card, but the effort you put in will be well worth it! 

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  1. Thanks for this! I truly believe in handwritten messages, notes and letters. The personal touch can not be substituted!

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