Paper Plate Stoplight

This paper plate stoplight craft is great for little ones who love everything related to transportation. This simple paper plate craft only requires a few materials!  

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Materials Used

Paper Plate

Paint Sponge


Black Paint


Red, Yellow, Black, and Green Construction Paper

I started by drawing a circle on each piece of construction paper, next I drew a line in the middle of both the paper plate and the black paper. I helped my daughter cut all these things. If your child is too young to use scissors, you can do the cutting.

Next, I helped my daughter paint both halves of the paper plate.

Once the paper plate halves dried, we flipped them over and glued the black paper on.

To finish up this simple craft, I flipped it back over and helped my daughter glue on the circles.

Now that you know how my daughter and I made this, you can make one of your own! Please don’t forget to share pictures of your finished project in my Facebook group! 

Book Recommendations

Little learners often enjoy pairing a book with a craft or activity! Here are some suggestions for this craft.

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