Ten Things That I’ve Recently Watched On Netflix

There are so many good things to watch on Netflix right now! It was difficult, but I managed to narrow down my ten favorite series that I’ve recently watched.  

Queen Of The South 

Season five of Queen Of The South was recently released to Netflix and even though I haven’t finished it yet, I feel like it is definitely the best season so far. It is full action and every episode has me wanting more.  


I started watching the second season of Bridgerton as soon as it became available. It isn’t as naughty as the first season, but the story line was still really good. I can’t wait to see what future seasons bring! 

Inventing Anna  

I found Inventing Anna to be extremely captivating. It had me googling to learn more about the real story behind the series, which was just as interesting as the Netflix version.  

Pieces Of Her 

This series had so many twists and turns! A lot of dramas are super predictable, but this one was not. The suspense kept going throughout the season.  

Good Girls 

Good Girls is another one that I watched as soon as a new season was available on Netflix. I love how relatable all of the characters are. I did not love how season three ended, but I look forward to seeing the next season once it is available to stream.  


Every single episode of Lucifer is fantastic. The concept of the devil living in L.A. and solving crimes in his spare time is extremely entertaining. I am also amazed at just how many adult jokes they managed to slip into each episode. 

Ginny and Georgia 

I loved Ginny and Georgia from the first episode to the last. I cannot wait for season two! This show was way darker than I expected, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  

Call The Midwife  

I always watch each season of Call The Midwife as it comes onto Netflix. What amazes me the most is that they haven’t ran out of unique ideas yet! I occasionally dislike episodes, but overall, the series is enjoyable to me.  


This one was hard to watch. It was also incredibly powerful. Unbelievable is based on a true story and accurately portrays some very real issues around how victims of sexual assault are sometimes treated by law enforcement.

Behind Her Eyes  

Behind Her Eyes is disturbing, but in an “I just can’t stop watching” sort of way. The story line takes a lot of twists and turns and has a really surprising ending. 

What have you watched lately on Netflix and enjoyed?  

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  1. Good Girls is one of my favorites! I’ll have to check out Pieces of her!

    1. It is a favorite for me too!

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