Give Your Kids New Adventures Through Books

Books about travel and unfamiliar places are sure to get your kids excited for your next adventure. Here is a list of travel-themed children’s books you need to add to your child’s bookshelf.   Informative, fun and written with kids in mind, all the books on this list are filled with beautiful images and will take you on an amazing trip from the comfort of your sofa.  

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Books are a great way to open up your kids to new adventures. They give us the opportunity to show our children people, places and events that they may not have experienced yet. Books are also great keepsakes for kids to remember special places they’ve been to. I hope the books on this list can inspire your kids to travel and explore the world around them.  

8 responses to “Give Your Kids New Adventures Through Books”

  1. I didn’t know Maisy was still around! Looks like a great selection of books for littles!!

    1. Maisy books are so cute!

  2. such a great post! I love giving books and it would be perfect to give the book as a tangible preview of the trip!! LOVE posts like this!

  3. I love this topic! When I was young I wasn’t able to travel much so it has been my life’s mission to make sure my daughter sees more of the world than I have.

    You’re right, books are such a great starting point for sharpening the imagination and growing inspiration within our youth. Nice selection!

  4. These are fun books to increase a love of travel in kids! Adding some to my list.

    1. I’m so glad I could introduce you to a few new books for your list!

  5. I love theming new books to activities we’re doing in real life. Only makes sense to do it for travel, too!

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