15 Minute Mini Mom Makeover

As a busy mom, I very rarely have much time to myself! Even when the little one is at school, I always have a never-ending list of things to get done. Today, I want to share a fun self-makeover I did a few days ago in just 15 minutes!  

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I was feeling a bit sluggish and in need of some pampering, but I didn’t have a lot of time! It was super cold this past week, so I definitely didn’t want to leave the house for any longer than I had to.

I started by using a brow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. Next, I used Cover Girl concealer to clean up my brow area a little. After that, I put on foundation. I typically use primer as well, but since I wasn’t going anywhere other than to pick my daughter up at school, I skipped that step. I wanted to really glow, so I also used my favorite highlighter palette.

Next, I put on some eyeshadow, lip gloss, and mascara. I picked an eyeshadow palette with fairly neutral options. I finished up my makeup with a setting spray.

The last thing I needed to finish my 15-minute mini mom makeover was a hairstyle that made me happy. I’ve been struggling with hair loss and thinning, so I threw on a wig that I had recently bought from Amazon. It was super affordable and just what I needed for a little end of the week pick-me-up!

I’d love to hear from you! When you only have 15 minutes for self-care, what do you do? What are your go to beauty products for a quick makeover?

9 responses to “15 Minute Mini Mom Makeover”

  1. I love these tips of getting ready fast as a mom

  2. These r great tips for self pampering. I hardly hey 15 mins of time in stretch with twins. I would try these tips when I get time.

    1. Sometimes I break it down into five minute intervals when things get really hectic!

  3. It’s so important to give yourself this time and care.

    1. So important!

  4. Love the neutral colors. It looks good on you. You deserve some pampering.

  5. What a great 15 minute makeover! I’ve never been the greatest at doing makeup, so I love to do a face mask when I get a quick minute to myself!

    1. A face mask is always a nice treat too!

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