Snowman Hat

I know the first day of winter isn’t officially here yet, but our weather has recently decided that winter is happening. We haven’t got enough snow yet to make a snowman, but we brought the winter fun indoors with this fun snowman hat craft! This can be done at home or in a classroom!

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Materials Used

White Construction Paper

Black Construction Paper

Orange Construction Paper

A Paper Towel Roll



Tape Or A Stapler

I started by cutting thick strips from the white construction paper and taping them together in a circle that was just slightly bigger than my daughter’s head. While I did that, I drew a large circle onto another piece of white construction paper and had my daughter cut it out. If your child is too young to use scissors or if you need to save time in a classroom setting, you can cut the circle out ahead of time!

Next, I drew a triangle on the orange paper for my daughter to cut out. After that, I helped her cut out two big circles and several little circles from the black paper. Next, we worked together to cut out a long rectangle and a square from black construction paper.

After the cutting was done, my daughter got to work gluing together her snowman face.

To finish our cute little snowman hat, I used tape to attach the snowman to the paper band. To help it stand up better, I cut a strip from a paper towel roll and taped it under the snowman.

Book Suggestions

Little learners love pairing up a book with a craft! Here are a few suggestions.

13 responses to “Snowman Hat”

  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Awww that look so cute I’m sure my kids would love this so much! We are going to try to make this!

    1. I hope they have as much fun as we did!

  3. I just love this project. And your snowman hat model is precious. Perfect craft for the littles.

  4. What a cute craft! This reminds me of when my kids were in preschool. Such a fun idea for younger kids!

    1. It was a lot of fun!

  5. This is so creative. The kids will have so much fun making this Snowman hat.

  6. The Holidays is here and its time to get creative and get the kids to do crafts. this snow man hat looks easy to make. They will surely love it

  7. Yyyaaayyyyy…I love how our snowman hat looks! We are definitely ready for the festive season.

  8. Check out this fun snowman hat craft! A super cute activity and idea for my younger ones to do!

  9. This is such a cute wee craft for kids to do in the run up to Christmas. My mother in law will love this for the nieces and nephews.

  10. thank you for this wonderful idea! i will be babysitting my nephew next week and this activity will be perfect!

    1. I hope you both have a lot of fun with it!

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