Our Experience With Disney Genie+ And Individual Lightening Lanes

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, my family got to try out Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lanes. Disney Parks recently introduced Genie, the new in park planning tool, as well as Genie+ and Individual Lightening Lane services and people have a wide range of opinions. Today, I will talk a little more about the Genie Plus service and tell you what I thought of it!

As a person who lives too far away from Disney to be a frequent visitor, the changes felt very overwhelming at first. My husband and I still remember running to get paper fast passes on our Honeymoon and we were also pretty comfortable with digital Fast Pass system that had been available for free up until the parks closed due to the pandemic, so the thought of paying to wait less wasn’t something we loved, but we were willing to give it a try.

You can purchase Disney Genie+ in advance for your entire trip, but we decided to purchase it in the morning on the days we wanted to use it. The service is $15 a person per day however, that does not include tax, so it ends up being $15.98 per person. For my family of three, it was just under $50 a day. We bought it three times, so the extra expense came to almost $150 for the week. It felt like a lot to spend on a service that was once free, but when we compared it to similar services at other theme parks we’ve been to, it was much less expensive.

Now that we’ve gotten a few of the basics out of the way, let’s talk about my experience! My dad and step mom got us all an Individual Lightening Lane pass for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot and we purchased three days worth of Genie+. The wait for Remy through the Lightening Lane was very short. Unfortunately, it broke right as we were about to get into a ride vehicle. They scanned our band and told us to come back at any time. When we did go back, we ended up having to talk to three cast members to get back into line. The first two told us that we had a boarding group, but not a Lightening Lane. It did get sorted out and the ride was a lot of fun! The boarding groups for the ride were gone right at 7AM that day, so if Disney World’s newest ride is a must for you, it is worth paying for!

 We used the Genie+ at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios. It was amazing in Magic Kingdom. Our first MK day was a busy Sunday, and we were still able to get almost constant Lightening Lane selections. The longest we waited in line all day was about 10 minutes. My daughter is just under 40 inches, so she couldn’t ride any of the big rides, but we rode almost everything else in a day. In my opinion, the service is a must for Magic Kingdom, even if you have several days planned at the park. After our second day at MK, we park hopped to Hollywood Studios for dinner and a few rides. I was very disappointed to find that almost all the Genie+ selections for gone by 3:30PM. We were able to get one for Alien Swirling Saucers for much later in the evening. We originally were going to buy Genie+ for our full day at Hollywood Studios, but because of that experience, we decided not to.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Genie+ service and found it to be a good value for our time at Magic Kingdom, but didn’t think it would have been worth the cost at any other park.

Have you used Genie+ yet? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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  1. I have been dreaming of a Disney trip but all travel on hold during the pandemic. Your story gives me hope! And adorable family photos!

  2. I heard about this service being instituted but wasn’t really sure how much it cost or what it did, so thank you! I think as you said it can be a good value for what you pay for, especially when faced with Disney’s infamous lines.

    1. The lines get so long! I wish the free Fast Pass service was available, but this is better than nothing.

  3. This is so beautiful, All the pictures are looking so fun. And, she is looking so pretty in her snow white outfit. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How awesome! I love DISNEY! We went to Paris a few years ago and it was just an incrediable vacation. Even for two adults! – Nyxie

    1. Disney is a great time with or without kids! Disneyland Paris is on my travel bucket list.

  5. This definitely seems to uplevel a visit to the Park….great that it was so useful in cutting your wait times.

    1. I still prefer the old system, but this is better than nothing!

  6. Apart from the writeup, I really like the design of the site. Keep it up.

  7. I’ve never heard about this Genie+ but 10mins wait in line is awesome! i remember before it was 2 hours waiting time at least!

    1. The regular lines are still pretty long, but the lightening lanes moved super fast.

  8. The longest waiting in line is 10 mins? that`s insane. Last time we had to wait for 40 mins and more

    1. The stand bye lines are still that long and then some, but the lightening lanes move super fast since you are buying for them.

  9. I need to get an individual Lightening Lane pass too. The kids really hate waiting

  10. This is great news. and looks like you really had a good time in there.

    1. We had a wonderful time!

  11. Disney has a brilliant business. They have figured out almost every angle and almost everybody is willing to pay.

  12. I live in Orlando, FL so we have Disney World but how I would LOVE to visit Disneyland in Paris!! What an awesome experience, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I’d love to visit Paris as well! So far, we’ve only ever been to Disney World in Orlando.

  13. I was just looking at this tonight and thought that it was awesome! so glad to read about this!

    1. It’s a nice service, although I’d rather it still be free!

  14. WOW! Everything about disney gooks so good to me. Nice post

  15. No, I haven’t used Genie+ before. I’m actually knowing of it, for my very first time. Thanks for sharing about it.

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