BoxyCharm: October Box

Every month, I look forward to getting my BoxyCharm box! The box is only $25 per month and it includes 5 full-size beauty products worth well over $100! Keep reading to see what I got in my box this month!

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Overnight Lip Mask

Retail Price $20

My lips get so dry once the weather gets cold, so this came at the perfect time! I tried it out as soon as I opened the box and loved how soft and moisturized it made my lips feel. It is a little thick and sticky feeling, but I can get past that since it works so well.


Resurfacing Face Serum

Retail Price $70

I decided to gift this one to my mom because I already have more skin care products than I can use!


Makeup Remover Towelettes

Retail Price $20

These makeup removing towelettes aren’t horrible, but I don’t love them either. They are soft, but have a smell that I don’t like. I would not pay $20 a pack for these.


Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer: Hydrate

Retail Price $32

I just got a primer last month, so I’m not opening this one up until I finish that one.


Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette

Retail Price $38

This palette is beautiful! I don’t use highlighter on a daily bases, but I will use it. I got a similar palette last month, but I like this one better.

Overall, I didn’t love this month’s box. I did like it enough to feel like I got my money worth, but I was disappointed to get very similar items two months in a row. If you get have a subscription, I’d love to hear what you thought of this month’s box!

18 responses to “BoxyCharm: October Box”

  1. That looks like you got a great box this month. I have still never signed up for any monthly “boxes” before. If I had a wife I would sign her up for this one, haha.

  2. I would be a bit disappointed, too, in getting such similar products. I’ve never heard of a lip mask, though. The weather is just starting to cool off in south Texas and my lips get so chapped in dry weather. I’ll have to see if I can find this and give it a try.

    1. It almost feels like Vaseline when it is on my lips, but it makes them feel so soft.

  3. I have done this kind of boxes before and I find that they all start repeating themselves after a while. On the other hand I love a good lip mask.

    1. This is my first subscription service, and I like it, but I don’t love repeats. Like how much primer can one mom use?

  4. These products look nice, however, they could be a tad more generous 😉 Love the nice package of the lip mask 🙂

  5. Products looks amazing and very worth it and they are packed a good way

  6. whatdoesmammasay Avatar

    I had a Birchbox subscription at one point ( which is exactly the same thing as BoxyCharm) and some boxes were really nice, others a bit disappointing. But overall I liked it.

    1. I may have to try out Birchbox in the future.

  7. Aaahhhhh….receiving two sets of similar items in such close proximity is bad for everybody! Otherwise, I like what I see in this month’s box! Thanks for sharing about it.

  8. Wow, I’d love to have these boxes once in a while, but agree, frequent tends to cause repetition.

  9. Sounds like this month’s box wasn’t such a hit. It’s too bad they gave you two such similar boxes back-to-back.

    1. It wasn’t by favorite, but hopefully next month will be better.

  10. Wow! You got a lot of great stuff this month! I will definitely be taking a look and subscribing!

  11. Blair Villanueva Avatar
    Blair Villanueva

    Wow, this box contents are so good! This box is a great way to try some of the beauty and skincare items. That highlighter palette looks dope!

    1. It is a great highlighter palette! It works really well with my skin tone.

  12. Of all the items in the box, I guess what I love most is the Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette! I would want to have and try it out for me.

    1. It is a great highlighter palette!

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