What Would You Pack? Creative Learning Activity

What Would You Pack? Creative Learning Activity

Our family loves to travel! This past weekend, we did a fun travel themed activity that encourages creative thinking and language skills.

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Materials Used

Construction Paper


Magazine Clippings


Something To Draw With

I started by drawing a rounded rectangle on the construction paper. I also drew two handle shapes. I helped my daughter cut all three things out.

After the shapes were cut, we folded the rectangle in half and then glued the handle shapes onto the sides.

While we waited for the glue to dry, we talked about where we could go on a pretend trip and what we should pack. My preschooler decided that we should pack from a camping trip. I had her pick pictures from a pile of magazine clippings. Before she glued on each picture, she told me what it was and why she needed to pack it.

Book Suggestions

Little learners enjoy pairing a book with crafts and educational activities! Here are a few suggestions.

Don’t Feel Guilty If You Can’t Do It All! Five Ways To Manage Your Stress

Don’t Feel Guilty If You Can’t Do It All! Five Ways To Manage Your Stress

Raising a family is both rewarding and challenging. Juggling work, the house, and your family can be a major source of stress for parents. Today, I want to share five things you can do to help manage stress levels as a parent.

Reduce stress in your life by setting priorities, taking unnecessary things off of your to do list, and finding time to do things as a family that you all enjoy. Think of activities to help you feel relaxed and healthy, and then try to do at least one activity a day to reduce stress.

If you are feeling alone, reach out to a friend who you can speak honestly with. Chances are, whatever is stressing you out, might not be as uncommon as you think it is. There are a lot of stressful issues that parents face but rarely talk about. Even if your friend can’t relate to what you are going through, it always feels good to talk out tough feelings!

The activities that work best for each person will be different, but they can include meditation, yoga, exercise, reading, or even just binge-watching Netflix. Everyone manages stress in their own way, and it may be necessary for you to try a few activities to see what works best for you.

Most parents feel guilt over something they think they do wrong as a parent. A hectic work schedule, chronic illness, or the occasional yelling incident may be the source of parental guilt. Try not to be too harsh on yourself when you feel like you aren’t being a great parent. Try to focus on the parts of parenthood you are handling well instead of the things you think you are failing at.

It is okay not to be super mom or dad every day. Knowing and accepting that what you do and do not have time for in your life will help you make healthier choices that can lead to a less stressful life.

Being a parent can be hard, but it can be a little easier if you work to reduce your stress levels!

I’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite stress relieving activity? What steps have you taken to reduce stress in your life?

Easy Felt Crafts The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Easy Felt Crafts The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Felt is such a wonderful fabric for small children to craft with! Today, we want to share a list of easy felt projects that children can do with just a little help!

No-sew Monster Banner

Cute Felt Angel

DIY Space Rocket Pencil Toppers

DIY No-sew Felt Name Pennant

Flower Pencil Toppers

Tweety Felt Bird DIY Bookmarks

We help this list can inspire you to break out the felt and get craft with your little ones! If you like the list, please share it with a friend!