Three Reasons We Skip Bedtime In Our House

My daughter doesn’t have a bedtime. I know this might surprise some of you, but it is a decision I made less than a year ago that has worked out well for our family. We still have a routine we follow each night, but my daughter and how she is feeling that day, determine what time we will start. Today, I want to talk about three of the reasons why we skip bedtime in our house.

I used to put my daughter to bed exactly at 7:15, but it was often a struggle. One day, I decided to just wing it and let her tell me when she was ready to get to bed. She slept better than she had for a long time that night. Now, it’s not uncommon for her to sleep 12 hours, which did not happen at all when we were setting her bedtime. Taking away the pressure of a bedtime gives children the opportunity to listen to their body and to set their own sleep patterns.

Have you ever laid in bed feeling powerless because you just can’t fall asleep? Imagine how stressful that is for a child! Struggling each night at bedtime may actually cause a child to have long term sleep difficulties.

Letting your child decide when to go to bed puts them in command of their own routine and helps them learn how to develop healthy habits. It’s crucial that children learn how to make good decisions for themselves. The more small decisions we can let our children make, the better they will be able to adjust as they get older and are faced with more serious decisions.

Developing healthy sleep habits in the early years of a child’s life is very important.  Instead of a strict bedtime, I’ve chosen to empower my preschooler to trust her instincts and make her own sleep decisions.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a bedtime for your children or do you let them guide the nighttime routine?

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  1. This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard about bedtimes. I’m going to send this to my daughter for my grandchildren. She struggles to get the kids to sleep at bedtime like you were doing and I think it could make her and her husbands life a lot easier if they just skip bedtime.

    1. She might even find that they go to bed at the same time she wanted them to before. A lot of kids just do better when they are guiding their own routine.

  2. My kids are teens now but I love your approach. Letting young kids take ownership of their bedtime can be revolutionary for them. I did that to an extent when mine were younger, but there was a cut-off time.

    1. We do have a cut off time as well, but we don’t have to use it very often.

  3. This is an interesting concept. I was nevera mom who had the kidlings go to bed at 7, or thereabouts. However, I did keep a certain amount of control over what I considered a reasonable bedtime.

  4. this is so true! my kids are following their night time sleep time religiously.. 😉

  5. I let my daughter guide me on most things. When I tried to schedule her, she only fought back.

  6. This is so nice. We don’t have to follow the conventional just to say that we are amazing parents. My kids don’t follow a bedtime too but my eldest would usually sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 PM but if he slept in the afternoon, it’s around 9:30 PM.

    1. My daughter is always asleep by 9, even though we don’t have a bedtime. She just does better getting to bed when it is on her own terms.

  7. I did not impose any bedtime when my kids were little. I guess it was just that when they are ready for bed, they just ahead and do so. Giving the kids enough physical activity usually wears them out so, no need to force them to sleep at a certain time. I very well agree with the reasons you stated in this post. Worked well for me too.

  8. I never knew that setting cut-off for bedtime is bad for children. We have been doing this at home. Fortunately, this had little impact to the sleeping schedules of our daughters.

    1. It depends on the child really! Each parent has to figure out what works for their family.

  9. I do have the same routine and it works for me so well. Thanks for putting it in a post and share with the world, I think these are useful to a lot of parents.

  10. I think it really depends. I think it works for some kids, for some, not so much. Thanks for your perspectives but I’ll try this strategy too.

    1. It definitely depends on the child!

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