Four Tips For A Great Trip To The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Yesterday, we visited the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. The zoo, which offers winding paths, cool shady wooded areas and beautiful exhibits, is a great place to spend a day. Today, we want to share four tips for a successful visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Get Ready To Walk A Lot

Your adventure at the Pittsburgh Zoo will begin with a ride on an escalator from the area where you purchase tickets to the actual zoo entrance. There is also an elevator for strollers and those with mobility limitations. After you exit the escalator or elevator, you will find an area that has a bathroom, gift shops, and a place to get some food! There is also a carousel in that area. Once you pass all that, you’ll go down a path through a tunnel and then the actual fun starts! The Pittsburgh Zoo has a wide range of animals including lions, elephants, giraffes, gorillas and polar bears. The aquarium is home to a huge variety of fish, sharks and other marine life, some of which you can even touch!  If you have trouble walking long distances, you will definitely want to bring or rent a mobility aid.

Arrive Early And Leave Plenty Of Time To Explore

This is not a zoo that you want to visit if you only have an hour or two. There is just so much to see! It was super busy yesterday, so it took us an hour and a half just to purchase and eat lunch. There are also two big play areas that children will want to stop at. A lot of the animal exhibits are very detailed and worth taking time to appreciate!

Take A Lot Of Pictures

There are so many photo opportunities! The very natural looking habitats make this zoo a great please for wildlife photography and there are also plenty of neat places to take pictures of your family! My daughter loved the giant polar bear they have near their amazing polar bear exhibit. She also loved getting to see how tall she was compared to a baby elephant.

Don’t Forget To Pack Sunscreen And Sunglasses

The Pittsburgh Zoo has tons of shady areas, but you’ll be getting a lot of sun exposure too. No one wants to end a fun day with sunburn. If you get extra hot, there are a few fans that spray cool mist located through out the zoo.

We had so much fun exploring everything the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium had to offer. My four-year-old learned a few new things about animals and she really enjoyed the play areas! Don’t forget to check back to read more about our travel adventures in the future!

20 responses to “Four Tips For A Great Trip To The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium”

  1. I would love to take the kids here. My family loves zoos. We go to a zoo wherever we travel.

    1. We do the same!

  2. That sounds like such a great zoo. I didn’t realize that Pittsburgh had such a fantastic zoo.

  3. Oh wow! They even have manatees! The Pittsburgh Zoo sounds like it’s a great one. I would love to see it one day.

    1. No manatees unfortunately, but lots of other animals! The animal pictured is a type of hippo.

  4. One of our favorite things to do is go to zoos when we travel. If we are ever in the area, we’ll definitely check this one out!

  5. What a beautiful mini adventure. I’ll definitely take my kids to the zoo when it’s safe to do so.

    1. We are thankful that cases are finally low enough that we could visit again!

  6. WE love taking our kids to the zoo! The pittsburg zoo looks great!

  7. How fun for the little ones. Never been to Pittsburgh so would love to go and this will definitely be on my list of things to see.

  8. Wow! I love how you managed to showcase the animals in the pictures. On our last trip we were unable to see much of them, I’ll have to follow your tips. 🙂

    1. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but it was a super busy day, so we were happy just to get time to see all of the animals.

  9. I have heard amazing things about the Pittsburgh zoo. You saw so many amazing things and got some great pictures

  10. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium sound perfect for families with kids of all ages. I would love to go to there oneday.

    1. It’s worth a trip!

  11. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh Zoo before but looking at those photos, it sounds like a great place to visit with the family someday.

  12. Appreciate all the tips. My son is crazy about animals and I am sure we’ll enjoy a trip to the zoo. Thank you for sharing this and we look forward visiting soon and bring our camera.

  13. What a fun zoo. I havent been to a zoo in years this looks fun!

  14. momsinspiremoms Avatar

    This looked like so much fun. My kids love animals they would probably love coming to this zoo.

    1. It is a fun experience!

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