You Won’t Hear “I’m Bored” With These Fun Summer Activities

Summer is such a fun time of the year! You can spend a day at a local water park, take a trip to the beach or just enjoy a day with your children at the park. Even with all the fun things your family does this time of year, summer boredom will still likely hit your home at some point. Today, we want to share a list of crafts and activities that will have your preschool aged child learning fun new things all summer long.


Dinosaur Fossil Craft

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft

Lego Crayons

Paper Plate Watermelon Fan Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Handprint Sun Paper Plate Craft

Bubble Wrap Butterflies

Educational Activities and Worksheets

Sunscreen Painting

Farm Themed Cutting Practice

Summer Preschool Worksheets

Cleaning Pennies With Ketchup

16 responses to “You Won’t Hear “I’m Bored” With These Fun Summer Activities”

  1. Great suggestions! I’m currently in social-distancing due to increasing covid case in the area. This post is just in time to help me dealing with the time beside blogging. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

  2. That is such a great way to make learning fun for little minds! I really love this.

  3. The DIY dinosaur fossils are so cool! Never thought of doing that before when I was younger. I am into illustrations lately. It keeps me sane during idle hours.

    1. I wish I could draw! I like to make photography composites in my free time. It’s a little harder to occupy my little one though, so having a list of easy but fun educational activities is a must!

  4. The DIY dinosaur fossils look fun. My two little boys both love dinosaurs so that will keep them busy.

    1. My daughter loves dinosaurs too!

  5. Bubble wrap butterflies and cleaning pennies with ketchup. Both of those would be right up my grandbabe’s alley!

  6. I am sure my little dino lover would love those dino fossils. Will try them out with him. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dinosaur activities are always a great way to stay busy!

  7. I am sending the link to this post to my daughter. She is running out of ways to keep her son entertained for two more weeks before school starts. These activities will keep my grandson busy and learning!

  8. Cool suggestion for keeping the kids entertained this summer. I like those dinosaur fossils — those would lead to hours of discussion about dinosaurs which both of my kids really liked.

    1. My daughter loves dinosaurs too!

  9. We’ve had so much fun making Dino fossils!

  10. These are indeed great ideas to enjoy being at home. Perfect for some bonding moments with the kids at home or even activities for the whole family.

  11. I think my niece would love Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft! It’s so easy to do. It’s so cute too!

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