Twenty Great Blogging Moms You Should Follow

Twenty Great Blogging Moms You Should Follow

Parenting can be a lonely journey at times! Most of us have a support system that includes friends and family, but today, I want to share some amazing blogs that can help moms feel a little less alone! This list is full of twenty real moms who are sharing their own passions and advice in a variety of ways!

  1. Saving Talents: Tiffany Thomas is a chocoholic former math teacher and homeschooling mom with Crohn’s Disease. She and her husband Phillip (who is an engineer) work together on the blog Saving Talents. Tiffany blogs about parenting and marriage, chronic illness, and faith.
  2. Marley’s Menu: Marley lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Rob, their baby boy Charlie, and their two dogs Zazu. She thoroughly relishes every step of the cooking process—from sourcing the ingredients, creating beautiful flavors with them, and enjoying the final product as a family. With the environment always front of mind, Marley stands strong in her belief that you can live a modern lifestyle while still making sustainable food choices. At Marley’s Menu, you can expect to find recipes that everyone can enjoy and to learn little green tips along the way to live an attainable sustainable life.
  3. Nina Kneads To Bake: Nina writes a sweet and savoury baking blog. She started the blog when her daughter was about 6 months old. Now she also has a 5 month old son. Work on Nina’s blog has been very part time since she has a toddler and baby at home. Early mornings and nap times times are when she is most productive.
  4. Champagne & Coffee Stains: Ali is from Minneapolis. She is a toddler mom and expecting baby number 2 this summer! She shares her family’s (mostly) healthy recipes, toddler activities and play ideas, fitness for moms and all things peloton!
  5. High Chair Chronicles: Kate is a mom to a wonderful 4 year old boy who was the pickiest eater from the first time he tried solid foods. She worked hard to teach him to enjoy food and started her blog to help other parents of babies and toddlers overcoming picky eating and sensory issues and to share all her tips and advice.
  6. Two Pink Peonies: Audrey of Two Pink Peonies is a mom of two toddlers. She shares easy, family friendly recipes and kids activities.
  7. All About Baby Blog: Linda is the creator of All About Baby Blog. She started the blog as a creative outlet and hobby because she lovse sharing helpful hacks for parents! You can also find lots of information about pregnancy along with fun crafts and printables for your kids on her website.
  8. In The Playroom: This blog written by a team of two mums from the Uk, Anna and Luciana who are best friends. The site covers kids activities and play ideas as well as topics for moms including relationships, health and fashion.
  9. Ugly Duckling Bakery: Joanne is an infectious disease physician who dreams about starting a bakery one day. She has been cooking and baking all of her life, but started sharing more on social media in 2020 during the pandemic. She started the blog in January 2021 to share all of the food that comes out of her kitchen. It’s called the Ugly Duckling because she does not fuss to make things look perfect. On her blog, you’ll find weeknight dinners, weekend dinners and baking adventures of all kinds.
  10. A Dime Saved: Robyn is a millennial mom on a tight budget! She loves sharing tips and tricks to help you live your very best life all while saving a dime or two! She loves reading, spending time with her kids and cooking so check my blog for all the best ways to do that on a budget.
  11. Mum’s Creative Cupboard: Louisa is the face behind Mum’s Creative Cupboard. She has two kiddos and she loves all things creative. She creates simple and fun play activities for toddlers and preschoolers with the focus on less prep, more play!
  12. CulinaryShades: Alpa from CulinaryShades is a mom of two kids. Her blog is all about vegetarian and vegan cooking.
  13. One Fit Mamma: Kallie from One Fit Mamma is a mom to one toddler and two fur babies. Her goal in life is to help other moms be fit and active during pregnancy and after they have their baby.
  14. Homeschooling In Progress: Christy is a homeschool mom of four who enjoys laughing and learning with her kids. She believes a homeschool day can be manageable and enjoyable. Christy shares tips, ideas, and activities to simplify the homeschool day so homeschool parents can feel confident and enjoy teaching their kids.
  15. Everyday Thrifty: Nicole is a mom that will inspire you to be frugal and still have a full life! Her family paid off $68K of debt in just 16 months. And now, she loves to teach other moms practical ways to save money and live a full life even on a budget.
  16. The Craft At Home Family: Sacha is a former teacher and stay-at-home mom of four young kids who loves to cook, craft and create fun activities for her family. She loves to share crafts, activities, printables and recipes on her blog to help inspire parents, caregivers and teachers who are looking for fun things to do with kids!
  17. Our Wabi Sabi Life: Debi and the team from Our Wabi Sabi Life are all about making the most out of this imperfectly perfect life. This blog shares easy recipes for the whole family, simple crafts, DIYs on a budget, and lots of family fun ideas!
  18. A Tiny Trip: Daphna is a homeschooling mom of four kids under the age of ten. A former backpacker, she now helps parents travel and explore the world and their own backyard, with little ones in tow. On A Tiny Trip she shares practical travel guides and positive parenting advice.
  19. Hess Un-Academy: Charlene is a homeschooling mom of seven who blogs about homeschooling a large family. She and her family enjoy having fun and going on adventures together. Her blog focuses on making home education as fun and simple as possible. 
  20. Feels Like Home: Tara is the mom of a tween and a teen who works full time, homeschools, and blogs on the side. Her site, Feels Like Home, features food, family, and faith topics. Since 2007, she has shared over 350 delectable recipes spanning everything from cheesy comfort food to vegetable based healthy fare. In the family section, she shares fun activities for kids as well as parenting advice and encouragement. In the faith section, she shares Christian Bible studies and prayers for moms.

Five Reasons Waldameer Is The Best Small Amusement Park We’ve Ever Been To

Five Reasons Waldameer Is The Best Small Amusement Park We’ve Ever Been To

There is so much to love about one of the oldest amusement parks in Pennsylvania. Waldameer might be small, but it has attractions for the entire family! Today, I want to share five reasons why Waldameer is my family’s favorite small amusement park.

Not only does Waldameer offer rides and water attractions, but it is also free to just walk around and enjoy the old school environment! Guests can choose to buy wristbands or individual tickets, so if you want to just ride a little, you do not have to pay for a full day of rides. It is also free for non-riders to just walk around and enjoy time with their families. The water park does have charge per person to enter.

Waldameer has recently expanded the water park a lot and since we did not visit last year, we cannot wait to try out all the new things! Each year, they make improvements or add new rides. Because of the pandemic, most of the improvements this year were just cosmetic changes, but it definitely looks nice!

This year, we bought season passes to Waldameer, so the reasonable prices of food in the park is a major perk! They have pretty basic theme park food and sweet treats. There are also plenty of shady places to sit and eat. If you want, you can even bring in your own food!

Waldameer is located in Erie, PA and is super close to the entrance to Presque Isle State Park. If you don’t want to spend a whole day there, you’ll have no trouble finding more to do. We rarely make a trip to Waldameer without taking a drive through Preque Isle while we are there.

I’ve been going to Waldameer since I was a child and I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a half an hour for a ride! The park can get crowded, but the lines are usually pretty short! We recently visited on opening day and the longest we waited for anything was ten minutes!

While Waldameer isn’t known for record setting rides or a large amount of roller coasters, it is still the best small amusement park that we’ve ever been to! They offer a wide range of family-friendly activities and attractions that keep us coming back for more!

Paper Plate Umbrella Art

Paper Plate Umbrella Art

Recently, we’ve had a lot of rain! I know the saying is “April showers bring May flowers”, but this way it is more like “May showers make for long hours”. To pass the time, we made this fun rain inspired craft!

**This post contains affiliate links and a gifted item. All opinions are our own.**

Materials Used

White Construction Paper

Decorative Paper

Black Construction Paper

A Paper Plate




The prep work for this craft will only take a minute! I cut the paper plate in half and then cut out raindrops from the decorative paper. To finish getting ready, I cut a thick J shape from the black construction paper.

Next, I gave my daughter crayons so she could color the paper plate.

After she was done coloring, I helped her glue the J shape on paper. Next, we glued on the paper plate.

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To finish this easy art project, I had my daughter put glue all over the white paper and then glue on the raindrops.

Book Suggestions

Little learners love pairing a craft or learning activity with a book! Here are a few suggestions.

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