Are You Looking For Accessible Date Night Ideas? We Have Some Suggestions!

There are so many date night ideas on the internet, but there are not a lot of posts written with disabled couples in mind. Even though I’ve been married for twelve years, and we still enjoy the occasional date night! I have a physical disability and several chronic medical conditions and my husband is Autistic, so even before the pandemic, crowded spaces or highly physical activities were not something we could enjoy together. Today I want to share six date night ideas that are wonderful if you’ve been married awhile, are part of the disabled singles dating scene, or even somewhere in between. For even more ideas, you can visit the Single Disabled YouTube channel, which focusses on a range of different disabilities in detail.

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Go To A Local Park

If you want to do something romantic but also want to enjoy some fresh air, a picnic in a public park is the perfect choice. Most parks are wheelchair accessible and there are often areas that are fairly quiet so you can just spend time enjoying each other’s company!

Enjoy A Night In

Sometimes, it can be refreshing not to do anything at all. Order some pizza, watch some movies, and snuggle on the couch! If you have kids, you can do this after bedtime or even get a family member to watch your little ones while you just enjoy watching something that isn’t a cartoon!

Explore A Local Small Town

Many small towns have a downtown district that will make an excellent date night location! You can browse stores full of locally made gifts and find tasty homemade treats. If you have a mobility-based disability that makes it difficult to get in and out of the car, consider finding a town where you can get to everything you’d like to visit without parking multiple times.

Take A Trip To The Zoo

Adults can have a great time at the zoo! Since most zoos use a portion of the money they make towards conservation efforts, so it is also an environmentally friendly date choice. Zoos do tend to get busy with on weekends, so if you need a more sensory friendly experience, weekdays are often the best time to visit!

Go To The Movies

You might want to save this one for after the pandemic ends, but a trip to the movies is a wonderful date night idea! My husband and I went to the movies all the time when we were dating. Some theaters are more accessible than others, so don’t forget to check ahead of time if you are visiting somewhere that is new to you.  

Enjoy Some Time At A Theme Park

Most theme parks are wonderfully accessible. If their main lines can’t accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device, they will have a program that allows for an alternative entrance. We always look at the website of the place we are visiting ahead of time for the information we will need.

Date nights can be more complicated when you have to factor in accessibility or sensory needs, but I hope you can use this post as inspiration for your next romantic adventure! Are you a single disabled person who is currently looking for date night ideas? Do you have a creative date night idea? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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