Ten Creative Things Your Family Can Do While Staying At Home

We know that it can be challenging to think of new and exciting things to do to keep children busy. Our go to family activities used to include museums, indoor play centers, and shopping trips. Now that we are spending much more time at home due to pandemic precautions, we have come up with a kid-approved list of ten great creative ideas for children of all ages! We post once or twice each week to this blog, so if you are looking for fresh ideas, don’t forget to check back!

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Learn A New Language As A Family

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Have you ever said you’d love to learn a new language, but never had the time? You are in luck. With a huge assortment of YouTube videos and free online resources available to you, 2021 could be the year you finally pick up the language that you have been wanting to learn for years! You can focus in on phrases that you will need during your first post-COVID trip or just enjoy learning about other cultures! If you are homeschooling until the end of the year, you can easily incorporate language learning in your daily lessons! If you want to get super creative, labeling household objects in your chosen language is a great way to speed along your second language comprehension skills. You can grab some of Font Bundles free fonts so that your labels are extra pretty!

Help Your Child Learn To Play An Instrument

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Head into your storage space and dust off those old instruments! You can look up some videos online or just break out some of the knowledge you learned in high school! If you do not have access to any actual instruments, you can get crafty and make some of your own! A paper towel roll, wax paper, rubber bands, and some beans can quickly turn into a music maker perfect for little hands!

Provide Open Ended Craft Supplies and Let Your Kids Get Crafty

Kids can learn a lot from unstructured and self-guided art time! Children do not need a lot of commercial items to have a wonderful time. Throw every art supply in your possession onto the table and let them get to work! You may have a bit of creative mess to clean up, but open-ended art time is both fun and beneficial! If you do not currently have much in the way of art supplies, check out the clearance section of your favorite store!

Encourage Your Child to Read

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If your home is anything like ours, screen time might have gotten a little out of control over the last year. We set out time each day where we focus on reading. Even if your child is too young to read, they can still snuggle up with a good picture book for at least 20 minutes a day!

Play Board Games And Put Together Puzzles

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Board games and puzzles are a great way to pass the time! They can also teach critical thinking skills! There are a wide variety of board games and puzzles out there, so your family is sure to find one that is a perfect make for them! If you are feeling extra creative, you can make your own! You can use Font Bundles free fonts as a wonderful design resource!

Plant A Garden

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The end of COVID related restrictions may happen in your area before the weather gets warm, but we are including this one because we know a lot of people who won’t feel comfortable in public spaces until they are fully vaccinated. You do not need a huge space to have a garden! You can use a small planter or cloth pots! We used our small deck last year and had a lot of success with peppers and cherry tomatoes!

Organize An At-Home Treasure Hunt

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Make a map of your home and hide some fun treasure all around it. Write down clues or draw some “X’s” on the map to help your little ones find the goodies! The fun does not have to end once they’ve found all of the treasures! You can make it a day long activity by adding in fun snacks and other pirate activities.

Play Hide And Seek

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Screen free activities do not need to be complicated! Hide and seek is a classic game that kids of most ages can enjoy! Our four-year-old can play for hours!

Bake Something

This endeavor might require more planning than most other things on this list, but kids love to bake! Your little ones can help stir and then decorate one-of-a-kind treats! Messy memories are the best memories!

Encourage Journaling

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Journaling can be extremely therapeutic. Kids from toddlers to teens can benefit from a place to organize their feelings and ideas! You can let your child pick out their own journal so that they have one that is special to them!

We understand that although pandemic restrictions are easing in many places, some families are still staying at home as much as possible. We hope these suggestions can make your last few months at home as fun as possible!

7 responses to “Ten Creative Things Your Family Can Do While Staying At Home”

  1. Love all these ideas! Can’t believe it has been 1 year of the pandemic. We have done many of your ideas and our favorite would be doing puzzles, gardening and reading books

    1. It is hard to believe!

  2. I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she asked what I was doing and I told her we were making bread. She asked if we baked every day. I was like…pretty much! LOL we LOVE it!

    1. I’ve had to start baking a little less because I have zero control around baked goods, but we love baking here too!

  3. I love all the ideas,, especially starting a garden. Gardens are great for kids and adults!

    1. I’m excitedly waiting for the weather to stay warm so I can get to work on this year’s garden!

  4. frypartyoffive Avatar

    We do many of these things. I think my kiddos would love a treasure hunt, though!

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