We Are A Mask Wearing Family

In my family, we wear masks when we go out into public. At the beginning, it was a struggle to get my three-year-old to wear one, but now she is an excellent mask wearer! In our state, masks in public are required, but even if they were not, we’d still wear them to help keep ourselves and others safe.

**This mask pouch was gifted to us. All opinions are our own.**

I know some people have some pretty strong opinions on why they will not wear a mask. In the past, I’ve upset some people by posting my pro-mask opinion on our Facebook page. The most common argument against mask wearing is that we should not let the government control us. Let’s get real for a second. The government literally assigns us a number at birth so they can track us. We follow tons of rules and regulations on a daily bases for the good of society as a whole. Wearing a mask is not some giant conspiracy, it simply cuts down on germs!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about mask wearing! One problem we have encountered when out in public is finding the perfect place to store our masks when we take them off to eat! It is not safe to just lay them on a table or bench and they can easily get knocked off the table if we put them on a napkin.

This reusable & washable mask pouch is the perfect way to keep your mask safe while you are not wearing it! It is so pretty and very well made! As a bonus, the company who makes them  donates 5% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization that funds research for rare childhood diseases.

You can get the mask pouch here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LM7RN97

15 responses to “We Are A Mask Wearing Family”

  1. We wear masks too and don’t leave the house unless necessary. A pouch is a great idea to store a dirty mask before it gets to the laundry!

  2. We’re a mask wearing family too! I find it ridiculous that some people won’t wear them!

    1. I do too! It is such a simple thing that can have a big positive impact.

  3. What a great idea! I have been wearing masks quite a bit between work and chores, and it is nice to have a good way to store them.

  4. We are a mask wearing family too, and I make no apologies for it. It’s important.

    1. It is so important right now!

  5. We are a mask wearing family too and have 10-12 for a family of 4. The pouch is a great idea, I will check it out.

    1. We have tons of masks as well! I won’t be sad when we can put them away, but for now, we have fun picking them out.

  6. We are too! We wear it every time we’re next to someone or will be in a public setting. You have to help others and protect yourself.

  7. We are also a mask wearing family. I like our fabric masks because we can wash them and reuse them.

    1. We use the cloth masks most of the time as well.

  8. The pouch is a great idea! We are also wearing masks (working with it on my two year old still though)!

  9. This is quite interesting also helpful during this COVID situation.

  10. We are a mask wearing family too. I do need to get some of these pouches!

  11. I am happy to know that you are wearing masks. We also wear whenever we are out. I am sad that people are asked to wear masks for their own protection and nothing else. Anyway, this pouch is really nice. I think it’s important to have a dedicated pouch for sanitary purposes.

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