We Are A Mask Wearing Family

We Are A Mask Wearing Family

In my family, we wear masks when we go out into public. At the beginning, it was a struggle to get my three-year-old to wear one, but now she is an excellent mask wearer! In our state, masks in public are required, but even if they were not, we’d still wear them to help keep ourselves and others safe.

**This mask pouch was gifted to us. All opinions are our own.**

I know some people have some pretty strong opinions on why they will not wear a mask. In the past, I’ve upset some people by posting my pro-mask opinion on our Facebook page. The most common argument against mask wearing is that we should not let the government control us. Let’s get real for a second. The government literally assigns us a number at birth so they can track us. We follow tons of rules and regulations on a daily bases for the good of society as a whole. Wearing a mask is not some giant conspiracy, it simply cuts down on germs!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about mask wearing! One problem we have encountered when out in public is finding the perfect place to store our masks when we take them off to eat! It is not safe to just lay them on a table or bench and they can easily get knocked off the table if we put them on a napkin.

This reusable & washable mask pouch is the perfect way to keep your mask safe while you are not wearing it! It is so pretty and very well made! As a bonus, the company who makes them  donates 5% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization that funds research for rare childhood diseases.

You can get the mask pouch here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LM7RN97

Ways To Cut Down On Your Pandemic Stress

Ways To Cut Down On Your Pandemic Stress

This year has been both incredibly short and incredibly long all at once. Social distancing, lack of childcare, and the thought of possibly getting sick has caused me a huge amount of stress and anxiety. At the same time, I can not believe the year is about to come to an end. I feel like we just celebrated my daughter’s third birthday and now she is about to turn four! A return to normal feels so close, yet so far away. Today, I want to share five things you can do to take care of yourself physically and mentally while you wait for normalcy to return to your life.

Declutter Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I am finding cleaning difficult since my daughter is not currently in preschool. I have been working towards getting rid of things that we do not need because it is easier to clean if we have less stuff laying around! Every December, we also do a deep declutter in my daughter’s playroom. This year, I must get rid of more than usual because being stuck at home all these months led to extra online shopping and she’ll require room for all the new toys that she’ll be getting for Christmas and her birthday!

Cut Down on Alcohol and Junk Food

I know this may be a hard one! Making healthy choices boosts your immune system and just overall makes you feel better. I gained way more weight than I want to talk about during the first few months of the pandemic, so now I’m working towards a healthier lifestyle again.

Look for Ways to Assist Others

In a time when it is easy to feel very hopeless, you may find some joy in helping others. I know that I always feel better about a bad situation when I feel useful. Helping others doesn’t have to be expensive either! It could be as simple as donating some things you no longer need or leaving a little hand made gift on someone’s doorstep!

Be Kind to Yourself

When practicing self-care, don’t forget the “self” part. The language you use when thinking about yourself is important. Take time to appreciate how well you are doing in these exceedingly difficult times.

Use Less Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and family in a safe way. It can also very easily become time consuming. I have had to learn to use social media very intentionally. I have also removed about 50 people that I never speak to in person from my Facebook friends list because the content they shared just didn’t add any value to my timeline.

I hope these tips can help you as we head into 2021. I’d love to hear from you! How are you doing? What are you looking forward to most once all the restrictions are lifted?

Christmas Tree Counting Activity

Christmas Tree Counting Activity

December is almost half way through and we are busy getting ready for the holidays! Today, I want to share an easy holiday counting activity! This activity is perfect for toddlers or young preschoolers and you will only need a few materials that most people already have around the house!

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Materials Used

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • A Marker
  • Scissors

I started by cutting out six tree shapes from green construction paper. Next, I cut out about 25 little circles from red construction paper. After that, I glued the trees onto a piece of white paper.

After the trees dried for a few minutes, I randomly wrote a number one from six on each tree.

I had my daughter tell me what number was on each tree and then glue a matching number of red circles onto it.

This easy to prepare activity is a great way to practice counting and number recognition!

Book Suggestions

Little learners enjoy pairing educational activities with a book!

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Upcycled Clothing Projects

Upcycled Clothing Projects

While decluttering and organizing our home, I noticed we have so many unused clothing items! We donate everything that is in great condition, but that still leaves us with things that are not nice enough to pass along. Today, I want to share some great upcycling projects that can easily give new live to old clothing!

Blue Jean Tote Bag

Upcycled Denim Storage Bins

DIY Reusable Hand Warmers

T-Shirt Headband

DIY T-Shirt Pillow

Photo Credit: Creative Green Living

T-Shirt Shopping Bag

DIY Jean Skirt

Recycled Jean Patches

Upcycled T-Shirt Pillow

Photo Credit: Creative Green Living

Fabric Bookmark

Farm Girl Apron

Daisy Jumper

Blue Jean Barbie Bag

Photo Credit: Craftsy Hacks

DIY Headband

Cozy Boyfriend Pillow

DIY Sweater Wreath

T-Shirt Bracelets

Upcycled Jeans Picnic Blanket

Photo Credit: The Boondocks Blog

T-Shirt Wall Art

Shopping Bag

I hope you enjoy these upcycling projects!

I’d love to hear from you! Have you recently transformed old clothing into something new? What did you make?