Five Reasons open Ended Art Is Beneficial For Preschoolers

In our house, often we use art as a learning tool. Sometimes, I plan out an art project with specific educational goals in mind, but I also often set up open ended art projects. Today, I want to share five reasons why open ended art time is important!

Open Ended Art Encourages Creativity

Children learn new skills so much more easily than adults do. By giving them random art supplies and leaving the end results up to them, you are helping them develop creativity that will last a lifetime!

Open Ended Art Encourages Self Exploration

We keep a wide variety of construction paper, including paper that represents a variety of skin tones, on hand. It is always interesting to watch my daughter explore the art supplies we have and turn them into something that is meaningful to her.

Open-Ended Art Gives Children A Risk-free Way To Get Comfortable Trying New Things

Trying new things can be scary! Engaging in open ended activities often can help children cope better when uncertain situations come up.

Early Exposure To Art Can Make Children Better Students

Children who routinely engage in art and other creative activities are statistically better students.

Open Ended Art Helps Improve Fine Motor Skills

Painting, gluing, cutting, and drawing all help with fine motor skills!

Art is just as important as play in young children. The freedom allowed during open ended art time is super beneficial to little ones! I’d love to hear from you! Is open ended art a learning tool in your house? What are your favorite materials to present to your child?

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