Shape Turkey Craft

Shape Turkey Craft

It’s hard to believe, but the end of November is almost here! We don’t celebrate the history behind Thanksgiving, but my toddler is obsessed with turkey related crafts and activities this year! Today, I want to share an easy craft that is perfect for kids from one to four with slight modifications based on age and ability level!

Materials Used

  • Construct Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Pencil, Marker, or Crayon

We sat down at the table and I asked my daughter to name three shapes. After that, I wrote the shapes she named on a piece of paper. Next, I cut out the shapes. I also cut out the shape of feathers in multiple colors. If your little one doesn’t know their shapes yet, you can just pick some out! If your child can use scissors, they can cut the shapes themselves!

After the prep work was done, I read each shape name to my daughter and she got to work making her shape turkeys!

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My daughter insisted her turkeys needed eyes, but that step is completely optional!

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Five Reasons open Ended Art Is Beneficial For Preschoolers

Five Reasons open Ended Art Is Beneficial For Preschoolers

In our house, often we use art as a learning tool. Sometimes, I plan out an art project with specific educational goals in mind, but I also often set up open ended art projects. Today, I want to share five reasons why open ended art time is important!

Open Ended Art Encourages Creativity

Children learn new skills so much more easily than adults do. By giving them random art supplies and leaving the end results up to them, you are helping them develop creativity that will last a lifetime!

Open Ended Art Encourages Self Exploration

We keep a wide variety of construction paper, including paper that represents a variety of skin tones, on hand. It is always interesting to watch my daughter explore the art supplies we have and turn them into something that is meaningful to her.

Open-Ended Art Gives Children A Risk-free Way To Get Comfortable Trying New Things

Trying new things can be scary! Engaging in open ended activities often can help children cope better when uncertain situations come up.

Early Exposure To Art Can Make Children Better Students

Children who routinely engage in art and other creative activities are statistically better students.

Open Ended Art Helps Improve Fine Motor Skills

Painting, gluing, cutting, and drawing all help with fine motor skills!

Art is just as important as play in young children. The freedom allowed during open ended art time is super beneficial to little ones! I’d love to hear from you! Is open ended art a learning tool in your house? What are your favorite materials to present to your child?

Easy Air Fryer Recipes

Easy Air Fryer Recipes

You can make fast and easy meals and side dishes with these family friendly air fryer recipes! Foods made in the air fryer are healthier and really yummy!

This is a hearty meal in the air fryer that you can have ready in 30 minutes. Serve these Air Fryer Kielbasa and Potatoes up with some crusty bread and butter, a side salad, or vegetable, and you’ve got a great balanced meal that will have them coming back for seconds.

Photo Credit: Savor + Savvy

Everyone loves baked potatoes, but they can take an hour to cook. Not in the air fryer. You can make them in HALF the time!

Photo Credit: Drug Store Divas

Air fryer potatoes have never been easier with this potato wedges recipe! Only 15 minutes are needed to take a simple russet potato into something special. So crispy and delicious. Dip these potatoes in ketchup or your favorite sauces!

Photo Credit: Finding Zest

 Calling all bacon lovers! This air fryer bacon wrapped shrimp is loaded with flavor and makes a special appetizer, dinner or snack option!

Photo Credit: Finding Zest

Looking for a healthy appetizer for your next get-together? These Air Fryer Burger Bites will be the hit of the party for kids and grown ups alike, and they’re Paleo, Whole30, Keto, and Low Carb!

Photo Credit: Cook At Home Mom

Make these delicious and simple pizza bagels in the air fryer! This is a great dinner time solution for the family.

Photo Credit: Mom Wife Busy Life

These Vegan Cheesy Potato Wedges are a perfect snack when your family is craving something cheesy and comforting. The potatoes are air-fried so they’re a much healthier choice than regular fried potatoes.

Photo Credit: Vnutrition

This Popcorn Tofu is the perfect snack for the whole family. It’s a tasty option for a healthy dinner because no oil is used when air frying or baking the tofu. Kids love trying all kinds of dipping sauces with these.

Photo Credit: VNUTRITION

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