Five Fun Fall Crafts And More

Fall is officially here and today, I want to share a few fall crafts and activities. All of these activities and crafts are easy and fun! Don’t forget that crafting with young children isn’t about the final product! it is about the memories you will make! All of the crafts and activities in this list can be done at home or in a classroom setting!

DIY Felt Autumn Leaf Garland From Felt With Love Designs

Photo Credit: Felt With Love Designs

How To Paint With Leaves From Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Photo Credit: Confessions on an Over Worked Mom

Newspaper Leaf Garland From Red Ted Art

Photo Credit: Red Ted Art

Tracing The Veins of a Leaf From Go Science Kids

Photo Credit: Go Science Kids

Fall Playdough Recipes + Mats From Planning Inspired

Photo Credit: Planning Inspired

I hope these crafts and activities can inspire your family to spend some crafty time together this fall!

7 responses to “Five Fun Fall Crafts And More”

  1. ahhh isn’t Fall the best season ever!!! I looove all the colors of these crafts, can’t wait to do a couple with my kids.

    1. Fall is the best season for sure!

  2. These are so fun! I need to do some fall crafts with the kiddos. I love this.

  3. What great craft ideas! I’m also thinking a few could be good to do with our cub scouts, too. Especially the tracing veins on a leaf since all of our meetings are outside this year.

    1. I think that one would be perfect for cub scouts!

  4. Awesome ideas! I have to try these at work with my students!

    1. I know they will love them all!

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