Our New Normal

We are now about five months into pandemic life and it has been full of ups and downs in our house. We have finally started getting a hang of what could be our new normal for a long time. I wrote a post in April about things my family wanted to do once things started getting back to normal. Today, I want to share a little bit about what our life is currently like and decisions we’ve made to keep safe!


We will not be going to our October 2020 trip to Walt Disney World. We decided that between the quickly raising number of cases in Flordia and the changes to the parks, it just wasn’t worth it. We are aiming to visit in the spring! Our totally random road trip is happening within the next few weeks! You’ll want to subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our journey. We will only be gone 4 days, but it will definitely be interesting! We have ventured out of the house to three local zoos, two drive through animal parks, and a walk through animal park.


My toddler will not be going back to pre-school. Last October, she joined the preschool class at the daycare we had enrolled her in a few months before. She loved it. I am really sad that she will not be going this year. It just is not the right choice for our family this year. We will be learning at home instead for now.

Family Time

We have started to see family again! We have gone to a few small outdoor family gatherings. We have not gotten together with friends yet but hope to at some point. We will likely go back to seeing less family once the weather gets cold and we can’t be outside, but it has been nice to get out of the house a little bit!

I’d love to hear from you! How are you adjusting to your new normal?

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  1. We had to cancel our summer trip to Great Wolf Lodge this year for the same reasons. The place was open, but so much wouldn’t be accessible, it wasn’t worth the cost. We went to my parents lake house instead and spent a few days fishing and going out on their boat. We’ve been seeing family, but have been limited with friends, seeing only one family at a time with at least a week in between. My boys just started school virtually last week, they are starting kindergarten and 2nd grade. They have this week virtual then school resumes on campus next week, but I’ve already told them things will be different at school, too.

    1. Wishing your little ones the best as they start back to school!

  2. This pandemic has really turned everyone’s life upside down. We’ve had to cancel a trip last May, and would probably cancel another pre-paid one in December. It’s just not worth the risk at the moment. We haven’t been out and about much, just parks and trails. The good news is, this whole situation has also made us realize what’s important. And I think when things go back to “normal”, our perspectives will be very different. Hope you and yours stay safe and healthy!

    1. I think many people will come out of this realizing that our old normal wasn’t normal at all!

  3. I am so glad you are able to see family again. I feel like not seeing family was the hardest for us. Now that we see them some its been so good for all of us.

    1. It was hard for us too!

  4. I am so very sorry for your cancelled Disney trip! This week my girls and I were supposed to be coming back from their first trip to London and Paris; we also had to skip a family trip to Mexico March 14-21. At least your little will be a year or more older (and thus better able to remember) when you DO go! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry you had to skip travel plans. My daughter is short for her age, so I am hoping she can ride a bit more since we pushed the trip back.

  5. Aw so sorry top hear that you will not be going to your October 2020 trip to Walt Disney World, but you have deffo done the right thing and best to go when you can fully enjoy xx

    1. It makes me a little sad but we want to keep our family safe.

  6. I relate to this post so much! I cancelled all of my summer plans, and it looks like fall will be the same. I have a 4 year old and keeping him home for so long has been challenging, but I think it’s necessary.

    1. My daughter is three and being at home all the time is definitely challenging!

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