Paper Plate Bee

Summer is in full swing. We have been spending as much time as possible outside, but lately, we have gotten a few rainy days. This little bee craft is the perfect craft to occupy little ones while they are stuck inside!

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Materials Used

Paper Plate

Yellow Paint

Black Construction Paper

Googly Eyes



I started by giving my toddler the paper plate to paint yellow.

We let the paint dry for awhile, then I helped my little one to cut strips from the black construction paper. I saved a small amount of paper so I could cut out antennas.

Next, I helped her glue on the stripes and the googly eyes.

To finish this craft up, I flipped it over and helped my daughter glue on the antennas.

Book Suggestions

Little learners often enjoy pairing a craft with a book! Here are a few suggestion for this craft.

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7 responses to “Paper Plate Bee”

  1. This is such a great craft! It looks like something my little guy could actually do. These books are great suggestions, too! What a great way to add some crafty fun into a bee unit!

  2. I am a huge fan of paper plate crafts!

    1. Me too! They are a favorite in our house!

  3. This is such a cute idea! My daughter loves projects like this one!!!

  4. what a fun craft project for kids! Love that it ties into a lot of books too!

  5. We’ve been spending time outside lately, too, but it’s been so hot that we sometimes need some ideas for inside that don’t include electronics. This is a great idea for a fun and easy craft!

  6. Your bee plate is so cute. It put a smile on my face because I can see little kids enjoying making them.

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