Wagon Trails Animal Park Is A Must Visit Attraction

Wagon Trails Animal Park Is A Must Visit Attraction

Last summer was rough for our family. I got major surgery so we did not get to do everything we had hoped to do. One thing on last year’s list that did not get done was Wagon Trails Animal Park. I visited the animal park on many occasions as a child and I was excited to share that experience with my daughter. When coronavirus came and pretty much canceled everything, I was sad that we would not be taking her to Wagon Trails this year. I am happy to announce that not only did we get to go, but we got to visit from the safety of our car!

Wagon Trails is near Youngstown, Ohio and it is extremely easy to find! Once we pulled into the driveway, there were signs to direct us where we needed to go to pay. Previously, you would park your car and enjoy a petting zoo before going on a ride in a large open vehicle, but the attraction has been altered so that families can safely enjoy it while practicing social distancing.

The employee at the beginning of the park encouraged us to drive slowly and stop as often as we wanted. I really liked that we did not have to rush through. We were able to spend about 45 minutes looking at the animals. Some animals came extremely close to our car. I think an ostrich may have decided to put it’s head into our car if Mr. Not So Crafty hadn’t quickly rolled up the window.

Wagon Trails Animal Park provided us with a wonderful source of entertainment that was much needed after our months of isolation! My family loved the entire experience. It is definitely worth the trip!

Painted Butterfly

Painted Butterfly

Warm weather is finally here to stay in Ohio and we can not get enough outside time! Today, we spent some time inside making this easy but adorable butterfly. This craft can be done with any age child!

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Materials Used

  • Paint
  • White Paper (You’ll likely need at least two pieces, depending on the size of your child’s hands and feet)
  • A marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

I started by putting paint into two paper plates. I used a single color on one plate and multiple colors on the other. You can use whatever you have on hand to hold the paint.

I helped my daughter dip her foot in the pink paint and put it on the white paper. I then helped her dip her hands in the other paint and onto the white paper. We did each hand print twice so there would be a total of four.

After the paint dried, I cut out the handprints and footprint. I gave them to my toddler to glue on. If you are doing this craft with a young child, you can either do the gluing so that it resembles a butterfly!

To finish this craft, I gave my daughter a marker so that she could give her butterfly eyes and antennas.

Book Suggestions

Little learners often enjoy pairing together books and crafts! Here are some suggestions.

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Five Disney World Resturants We Want To Eat At

Five Disney World Resturants We Want To Eat At

We are currently unsure if our next Disney World vacation will happen, but I am still in planning mode! Today, I want to share some of the resturants we plan on eating at along with a few resturant reviews from other bloggers!

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Resturant

We have never been to Sci-Fi before, but since Mr. Not So Crafty is a big fan of old movies, we are really excited. We have a reservation for lunch time.

Garden Grill

Photo Credit: Treasured Family Travels

The Garden Grill will also be a first time experience for us. It is a character meal that takes place in a rotating resturant! If you’d like to learn more about the experience, check out this review!


We have wanted to eat at T-REX on every trip to Disney we have made, but reservations are so hard to get! No one in my family has the desire to wait for a table at such a busy resturant without a reservation, so we have always skipped it. I finally got a reservation and we are so excited to take our dinosaur loving toddler! To learn more about what you can expect from this dining experience, check out this review!

The Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace was a favorite on our last trip. The food was really good and everyone in our family loved meeting the Winnie the Pooh characters. We are excited to have breakfast there again.

Art Smith’s Homecoming

Homecoming was a favorite for Mr. Not So Crafty on our last trip. We had dinner last time and this time we plan on trying out their weekend brunch. If you want to see some great pictures of the food that Homecoming offers, check out this review!

We would love to hear from you! Do you have a trip to Disney world coming up? Where are you hoping to eat? What resturants not on this list should we try out?