Life After Coronavirus

Like many of you, my family’s world greatly changed in early March when local governments started urging people to stay home due to the growing spread of COVID-19. My family has always taken it very seriously and because I have a rare health condition, we will be staying in long after others start to adjust to a new normal. Today, I want to talk about five things that I can not wait to do once I finally do get to start leaving the house on a regular bases.


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We have an October 2020 trip to Walt Disney World and right before this all started, we had planned to take a totally random road trip over the summer. We had also planned to try to sneak in an adult only trip to Niagera Falls. At this point, it is likely that the summer travel will not happen, but I’m crossing my fingers that our fall trip will still go as planned.

Go Grocery Shopping

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I have not been grocery shopping since the very beginning. I never thought it would be something I missed doing, but it is!

Have A Picnic At The Park

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Our state has not closed all parks, but playgrounds are closed, so going to a park would be stressful for my toddler. When we can safely play, I want to take enough food and sunscreen to spend an entire afternoon at one of our favorite parks.

Enroll Our Toddler In Dance Class

My daughter is finally old enough to take part in a structured dance class and they are all closed! She has always loved to dance, so I am using this time to look at different studios online and pick one for the fall session.

Spend Time With Friends and Family

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I saved the best for last! I miss all of my family and friends so badly. As our state eases up on restrictions on gatherings, we will likely start to see family who do not have jobs that have a high risk of exposure. It sadly may be much longer before we get to see other family and friends.

I’d love to hear from you! What are some things that you are excited to do once this is all over?

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  1. I have two lung conditions so am self isolating at the moment… and probably for some time yet! The thing I can’t wait for the most is to see my family and friends again.

    1. I hope things calm down so that you can do that. My husband and I both have asthma. I also have lung damage caused from getting H1N1 when it was wide spread in the US years ago. This whole thing gives me major anxiety!

  2. We have a lot of summer travel planned as well and I am desperately hoping we can go on those trips! One will happen no matter what, since it’s to my parents house, but travel may be a bit more complicated. Since we drive, though, we aren’t dependent on the airlines for this trip. But my cousin is getting married in CA in October and we will have to fly for that one, so I hope it still happens. I haven’t been grocery shopping, either, but I can’t wait until we can see friends again. It’s been so hard on all of us, but especially my first-grader who is so badly missing his friends and school and teacher right now.

    1. It is such a hard time for everyone! My toddler is missing her school and our family members badly. She asks every morning when she will go back to school. I’m unsure at this point if I will send her back when the center she goes to re-opens. I’m waiting to see what our states numbers are like.

  3. Yes! – especially to the first and the last, which are one and the same for us. My mama lives several states away, by herself, and it’s hard for her to be going through this alone.

    1. I hope you get to see her soon!

  4. So far we’ve missed several family visits and planned vacations. All our parks are closed. The kids haven’t left the neighborhood in almost 2 months.

    1. Yea, we haven’t left either other than the occasional car ride so that my daughter would take a nap!

  5. That’s true…! First time ever in our generation has seen the world with the same feelings. Hopefully, we will have a new world shortly.

  6. Groceries have been a big one for me. I know it’s not a huge deal…but with everyone trying to social distance right now, I can’t get grocery pickup scheduled sooner than a full week out. Pickup makes groceries with 4 kids so much easier!

    1. We used to do grocery pick up a lot too! We haven’t been able to do it since this whole thing started.

  7. YES I hear you on this. I miss travel too. Also shopping, family, friends and I would love to go for a picnic right now x

  8. This is good list and I agree with you, even though we had to do some grocery shopping trips a few times in the past months, it still doesn’t feel like we did. Once it this goes away, we will do a long trip again.

  9. Like you, I’m immune sensitive and need to be careful. I’m looking forward to a vaccine, cure or therapies that will allow us all to get back to things we love.

    1. I’ve been closely following the vaccines and medications that are in development! The USA just emergency approved a med that looks promising for treatment, but I’ll feel much better when we have something preventitive rather than than something that simply drops your chance of dying a bit.

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