Save Time And Money With These Easy Spring DIY Projects

Save Time And Money With These Easy Spring DIY Projects

Spring is here and it is time for some fresh home décor and furniture! Since most of us are limiting our time in stores, I thought it would be great to share some easy DIY projects that can be done with materials you may already have laying around!

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

DIY Scrap Material Wreath

Hand Painted Clay Pots

Red Painted Bench

DIY Spring Wreath

Photo Credit: We Three Shanes

DIY Sun Hat Wreath

DIY Doormat

DIY Floral Garland

DIY Pallet Outdoor Lounge

Floral Bookends

If these DIY ideas inspired you, please share them with a friend!

8 responses to “Save Time And Money With These Easy Spring DIY Projects”

  1. I love doing projects at home. Especially now that we are at home all day, these are great for some things to do with my boys. They love displaying crafts that they’ve done for the season. And for past holidays. We still have a few shamrocks around the house a month later!

  2. These look like some lovely ideas! DIY and crafting is such a lovely way to spend the time too, because you have something nice for your home at the end of it!

  3. I love DIY projects! I have to try the 3 you recommend because they all look cute! I don’t have a favorite because I love them all!

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