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Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Many of you will be celebrating the day with your kids at home since most schools in the United States and beyond are closed right now. Tonight, I want to share a simple but fun craft that will keep your kids busy for a little bit tomorrow!

Materials Used

  • Construction Paper (I used orange, green, black, yellow, and a light brown that my daughter picked from a pack of multicultural construction paper. )
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers/Pens/Crayons

To get ready for this activity, I cut out a hat from the green paper, an oval from the brown paper, a small rectangle from the black paper, and a slightly bigger rectangle from the yellow paper. Next, I traced my daughter’s hand onto orange paper folded into fours. I used two pieces of paper so that I’d have eight hand prints total. If your children can use scissors, you can just draw the shapes that need cut and let them do the cutting!

After all the cutting was done, I gave my daughter the oval and had her draw a face.

After the face was drawn, I helped my daughter glue on the hat. We used the yellow and black paper to make a buckle.

Finally, I flipped over our little leprechaun and I helped my daughter glue the hand prints on to the bottom of the oval. This is his beard.

This is our finished leprechaun!

Book Suggestions

Crafts and learning activities are even more fun when paired with a book! Since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, I picked books that are available on Kindle!

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