Valentine’s Day Heart Emoji

Today, we made a simple and fun open ended Emoji craft that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This craft is designed with preschool aged children in mind and can be done at home or a classroom setting!

Materials Used

  • Construction Paper (White, Black, Yellow, Red)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I started by drawing a large circle on the yellow paper for my child to cut out. Next, I cut out a variety of shapes for the eyes and mouth. I wanted to give her choices when making her emoji. You could also ask your child which shapes they’d like before cutting. If you are doing this for Valentine’s Day, then you definitely want to include some hearts!

I helped my little one cut out the yellow circle and then had her glue it onto the white paper.

Next, I let her pick which parts she wanted to put on the Emoji and had her glue them on.

This craft only took about 15 minutes and the end result was super cute!

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