Open Ended Snowman

We have not had a lot of snow in Ohio this year. My toddler is so excited to make a snowman, but has not been able to do that yet. Today, we decided to make our own winter fun with this open ended snowman. This craft is great for kids from three to five and can be done at home or in a classroom setting. We encourage you to use whatever materials you have on hand, but we will list what we used!

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Materials Used

  • White Paper (We used three pieces.)
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Crayons
  • Glue (We used bottled glue, but if I had to do it again, I’d use a glue stick.)

We started by cutting out three circles from the white paper. My daughter is new to using scissors, so she needed assistance, but older children should be able to do it themselves. She decided to use craft scissors with a decorative edge. I let her decide how big each circle should be.

Next, I gave her the glue and had her glue down the circles on the paper. I did not offer her any guidance with this.

After the circles were glued on, I helped her glue on the eyes.

To finish the snowman, I asked my toddler to tell me what other parts she wanted on her snowman and we drew them together. She is newly three, so she needed more help with this than a four or five year old would. The end result was a unique and adorable snowman!

Book Suggestions

If you are looking for a book to read with this craft, we have a few suggestions!

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15 responses to “Open Ended Snowman”

  1. What a fun winter craft activity! We haven’t had any snow here yet so have been unable to build a real snowman so far this winter!

    1. We have not had enough snow to build a snowman yet either! My daughter wants to make one so badly, but the weather is not cooperating.

  2. Oh I love this! Liam would have a ball making one! Such a fun idea!

    1. It was a fun little craft!

  3. Well our temps got back up into the mid-70s today, so this is the only way we are getting close to building a snowman anytime soon!

  4. Oh this is a great winter craft! I’ll have to remember it next time my niece and nephew are over!

    1. It is perfect for little guests because it doesn’t take many materials!

  5. I love this craft idea. We don’t have any snow here in Malaysia but I can teach my students to make this snowman. I am sure they will be excited.

  6. What a fun craft for kids. This would be especially great this week since we didn’t get the snow we were promised and my kids are restless!

    1. My daughter wants to play in snow so badly. We have not gotten enough to do that yet, so she has been really disappointed.

  7. Aw I am sure that many parents with young ones will find this a fun craft to do for sure

  8. Miss Millennia Magazine Avatar
    Miss Millennia Magazine

    This is a great idea! I don’t have kids yet but I understand how exciting this will be to them.

  9. Wow, this is so fun! I am going to share this post with my sister who has a kiddo. My niece will love this DIY snow man for sure 😍☺

  10. Cutest snowman craft ever!!! My daughter doesn’t have school tomorrow. May have to give this craft a try

  11. You did an adorable job with an original concept. I bet lots of kids would enjoy this
    creative, crafty project.

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