I am Obsessed With My New Letter Board

I recently got a new felt letter board. My family had one already, but we honestly never used it because it wasn’t easy to use nor was it made of quality materials. Our new letter board will be getting a lot of use because I am obsessed with it!

**We received a significant discount on this product so that we could share it with you. All opinions are our own.**

The very first thing I noticed about this letter board was the beautiful packaging! It could be given as a gift without even wrapping it up. Once it was open, I could see the letters, numbers, special characters and emojis were all carefully placed in a convenient partition box with a snap-closure lid. Our old letter board came with the letters all attached to each other, so I loved the convenience. I also loved that the letters came with a sturdy case.

It is easy to see that this board features high quality material. I shook the board a bit and none of the letters fell off! The set also came with a solid wood easel and a cursive word pack. I can not wait to use this for pictures, content for this blog, holiday décor, and more. I feel like the possibilities are endless!

To see my unboxing this letter board, please watch the video below!

If you’d like a letter board of your own, you can get it here! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JMLDKHP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1574083755&sr=1-1&keywords=letter+board&m=A2DY0FRTQEDIN3&

7 responses to “I am Obsessed With My New Letter Board”

  1. This board is so cute! I have seen these so many times but still haven’t gotten one for myself.

    1. I’ve had a lot of fun with it!

  2. We have one and I love it. I used this for my baby’s 6 month DIY pictures. They’re cool and can be used on different occasions.

    1. I plan on using it for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. We also did a cute “we are going to Disney” announcement last year, so I’ll probably repeat that for our next trip using this board.

  3. How fun! I need to get a letter board like this one. I could use it for so many different things!!

    1. They are so useful!

  4. Omg love it! I have a letter board and I always forget I have it lol. I definitely need to use it more

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