What We Buy Before We Go To Disney World

When you are busy planning your Walt Disney World vacation, it can be helpful to make lists of things that you’ll need! I make a list of where I want to eat, what I want to ride, and what I need to buy before our trip. Today, I am going to share ten things that you should consider buying before your trip!

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Sunscreen is important all year round in Flordia. You can purchase it on Disney property, but it will cost a lot more than it will if you just bring it with you.

Hand Sanitizer

Disney World is a very clean place, but there a lot of visitors, so it is easy to pick up germs!


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A cheap pair of sunglasses will work great for your Disney World trip. That way, if you lose them somehow, you won’t be upset. If you are prone to loosing sunglasses, you may want to pack a few pairs!


You cannot buy gum on Disney property. So if you want it on your trip, you will have to bring it!

Your Tickets

If you are staying on property, you probably bought a package that includes tickets. If you are not, then you may be considering just buying your tickets the day you get to the parks. Do not do this! Visitors that are staying off property can book fast passes 30 days in advance if you have your tickets.

Portable Phone Charger

Between the My Disney Experience App, taking pictures, and killing time in lines, your phone may need charged more often than usual. A portable charger will come in handy. They do sell Fuel Rods on Disney property, but since their charging power is limited, there are definitely better options available to buy!


Disney World has so many things you can buy! We encourage you to buy some of those things, but it is also fun to buy things before hand and surprise your children with them. On our last trip, one of us put a surprise on the bed before the rest of us entered several times throughout the week. We told our daughter they were gifts from Mickey!

Gift Cards

You can buy discounted gift cards at several retail stores. We have bought them at Target and Sams Club. We took these gift cards to use instead of cash.


It rains a lot in Flordia! If you do not bring ponchos, you may be stuck paying almost $10 each for them in the parks.

Disney Themed Clothing

Image by Roberto Oliveira from Pixabay

A visit to Disney World is a wonderful, immersive experience. One way to get the most of your trip is to wear Disney related clothes. For extra magic, if your child is wearing a character themed outfit, make sure you meet that character!

I hope this list is helpful! When you go to on vacation, what do you buy in advance?

16 responses to “What We Buy Before We Go To Disney World”

  1. Yep, we had all of this when we went to Disney last summer! We had a big group, including boys aged 3, 4, 5, and 6, so we tried to keep the costs to a minimum with that many people. As a native Floridian, I can’t stress just how important sunscreen is. Even in the winter. Even on a cloudy/rainy day!

    1. We love to travel, but do not have a huge budget, so we always try to keep our costs at a minimum as well. The cloudy days always are when I end up getting burnt if I forget to put on sunscreen!

  2. Oh so helpful! We plan to go in a few years and I have no clue what to do!

  3. I had no idea that you cant buy gum there! So strange! And sunscreen and a pair of sunnies are always always a must wherever you are heading to! Thanks for the tips!

    1. They want to discourage people from chewing gum in the parks because people leave it everywhere and it makes a mess. I know some people really like gum though, so if its a must, you have to bring your own.

  4. This is a great list! I always take gum with me too because I remember not being able to buy it there…very smart on their part!!!

  5. Oooo such a great list!!!! I always buy my tickets ahead of time! Make me feel more confident about my itinerary

  6. We always buy the princess dresses for our girls before we go. I love choosing handmade and unique options from Etsy instead of buying the dresses in the park. I usually end up spending the same amount, but they are often more comfortable and my girls stand out!

  7. This is so helpful. I love the souvenirs idea. We are planning a trip soon, so I will keep that idea in mind.

    1. It worked out really well for us and we plan on doing it again during our next trip.

  8. I never been to Disney World or Disneyland, but I have many friends and family members who have. I will share this with them to see if they experience the same thing.

  9. I’m all about the hand sanitizer. I never travel without it!

    1. It is such an important thing to pack!

  10. What a great list! This would be good for other amusement type parks as well. Good to be prepared!

  11. I had no idea you couldn’t buy gum on Disney property!

  12. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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