The Best Dad Shirts on Amazon

The Best Dad Shirts on Amazon

In our last post, we shared some cute and funny mom shirts. We did not want to leave out dads, so tonight, we want to share some Mr. Not So Crafty approved dad shirts! All shirts cost under $16.

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We hope you like this small collection of dad shirts!

Mom Shirts You Need to Buy

Mom Shirts You Need to Buy

Christmas is over and now you may be in the mood to shop for yourself! Today, we want to share some great shirts for moms! As a bonus, all of these shirts are under $21!

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We hope you enjoyed all these shirts! We would love to hear from you! What shirt is your favorite? Did you get any mom shirts for Christmas?

I am Obsessed With My New Letter Board

I am Obsessed With My New Letter Board

I recently got a new felt letter board. My family had one already, but we honestly never used it because it wasn’t easy to use nor was it made of quality materials. Our new letter board will be getting a lot of use because I am obsessed with it!

**We received a significant discount on this product so that we could share it with you. All opinions are our own.**

The very first thing I noticed about this letter board was the beautiful packaging! It could be given as a gift without even wrapping it up. Once it was open, I could see the letters, numbers, special characters and emojis were all carefully placed in a convenient partition box with a snap-closure lid. Our old letter board came with the letters all attached to each other, so I loved the convenience. I also loved that the letters came with a sturdy case.

It is easy to see that this board features high quality material. I shook the board a bit and none of the letters fell off! The set also came with a solid wood easel and a cursive word pack. I can not wait to use this for pictures, content for this blog, holiday décor, and more. I feel like the possibilities are endless!

To see my unboxing this letter board, please watch the video below!

If you’d like a letter board of your own, you can get it here!

Gingerbread Friend Craft

Gingerbread Friend Craft

Christmas is less than two weeks away! Soon, many schools will be going on break. If you are looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with your little ones, this gingerbread friend encourages creativity and can be made with materials you already have laying around your home!

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Materials Used

This craft is open ended and you can use any materials you’d like. This is what we used.

  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Pink Construction Paper
  • Gems and Other Decorations
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I started by cutting out a gingerbread person shape from a large piece of brown construction paper. If your child can use scissors, you can just draw the shape and let them do the cutting! After that was cut out, I cut various shapes and patterns out of the pink paper.

Next, I helped my daughter put glue on the gingerbread shape and then let her glue things on where she wanted them.

This craft can be done in any way your child wants. We kept ours simple, but you could give it clothing or even hair!

Book Suggestions

Little ones often learn best when books are paired with a craft or activity! Here are some suggestions for this craft.

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What We Buy Before We Go To Disney World

What We Buy Before We Go To Disney World

When you are busy planning your Walt Disney World vacation, it can be helpful to make lists of things that you’ll need! I make a list of where I want to eat, what I want to ride, and what I need to buy before our trip. Today, I am going to share ten things that you should consider buying before your trip!

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Photo by Moose Photos on

Sunscreen is important all year round in Flordia. You can purchase it on Disney property, but it will cost a lot more than it will if you just bring it with you.

Hand Sanitizer

Disney World is a very clean place, but there a lot of visitors, so it is easy to pick up germs!


Photo by asim alnamat on

A cheap pair of sunglasses will work great for your Disney World trip. That way, if you lose them somehow, you won’t be upset. If you are prone to loosing sunglasses, you may want to pack a few pairs!


You cannot buy gum on Disney property. So if you want it on your trip, you will have to bring it!

Your Tickets

If you are staying on property, you probably bought a package that includes tickets. If you are not, then you may be considering just buying your tickets the day you get to the parks. Do not do this! Visitors that are staying off property can book fast passes 30 days in advance if you have your tickets.

Portable Phone Charger

Between the My Disney Experience App, taking pictures, and killing time in lines, your phone may need charged more often than usual. A portable charger will come in handy. They do sell Fuel Rods on Disney property, but since their charging power is limited, there are definitely better options available to buy!


Disney World has so many things you can buy! We encourage you to buy some of those things, but it is also fun to buy things before hand and surprise your children with them. On our last trip, one of us put a surprise on the bed before the rest of us entered several times throughout the week. We told our daughter they were gifts from Mickey!

Gift Cards

You can buy discounted gift cards at several retail stores. We have bought them at Target and Sams Club. We took these gift cards to use instead of cash.


It rains a lot in Flordia! If you do not bring ponchos, you may be stuck paying almost $10 each for them in the parks.

Disney Themed Clothing

Image by Roberto Oliveira from Pixabay

A visit to Disney World is a wonderful, immersive experience. One way to get the most of your trip is to wear Disney related clothes. For extra magic, if your child is wearing a character themed outfit, make sure you meet that character!

I hope this list is helpful! When you go to on vacation, what do you buy in advance?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft

It is officially December! That means it is time for our first Christmas craft of 2019. To kick things off, we made a super fun ugly Christmas sweater! This activity is great for kids from two to six and can be done at home or in a classroom. This is very much an open ended activity, so I will list the materials that we used, but you can use anything you have laying around the house.

Materials Used

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tinsel
  • Crinkle Paper
  • Pom-Poms

I started by letting my toddler pick out the color she wanted her sweater to be. Next, I drew and cut out a sweater like shape. It took me two tries to get something that looked anything like a sweater.

After it was cut, I helped my toddler put glue all over the sweater shape. Next, she got to work gluing on the assorted craft supplies.

The end result was a perfect ugly Christmas sweater!

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