The Best Compact First Aid Kit You Can Buy on Amazon

There are a lot of first aid kits on the market, but we recently got the Mini First Aid Kit from SUMPRI and after taking some time to look at the contents, we have to say, it is a wonderful choice for your next first aid kit!

**We were given a discount on this product in order to review it. All opinions are ours. We were not directly financially compensated for this review.**

The first thing I noticed about this first aid kit was the small size. I was a bit curious about how the advertised 80 pieces could fit into such a small case, but when I opened up the kit, I could see that it was packed full of useful things! It weighs only 0.35 pound, but contains a burn gel pack, alcohol pads, antiseptic cleaning wipes, iodine wipes, bandages, tweezers, emergency whistle, gauze, a tourniquet and more!

Besides all of the first aid supplies, SUMPRI also includes instructional information that could be very useful in an emergency.

To see more of the contents of the first aid kit, check out this video!

This first is a wonderful choice for your car, house, or garage!

You can get one of for yourself here

12 responses to “The Best Compact First Aid Kit You Can Buy on Amazon”

  1. The small size of this would be perfect for camping with the Cub Scouts! We like to bring one with us on all hikes and this wouldn’t take up much space at all!

  2. If saving space is an important factor in buying a first aid kit, then this one is a great option. The red color will make it so easy to find in there.

  3. This is a great First Aid kit, it has all the essentials! It will be perfect for me to keep in the car!!

  4. I try to keep a well stocked first aid kit in my car. This looks like a great one for that purpose!

    1. It is a great choice for a first aid kit that doesn’t take up much room.

  5. Ao important to have a first aid kit. I love that this one has everything you need, and is compact too!

    1. The small size is amazing! I couldn’t believe how much it had inside!

  6. Looks like the perfect first aid kit to keep handy for unfortunate emergencies. Great size for camping or keeping in the car.

  7. This is a very interesting post! I find the details informative and handy.

  8. This looks perfect to carry in the car. I would take it along on trips as well, great idea!!

  9. As a nurse and mom and aunt of clumsy teens, I always have a first aid kit in my car. This looks like a great one for us

  10. Very important and selective post. Thanks for sharing though!

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