Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving is almost here! Each November, many people take time to reflect on all the things they have in life, instead of dwelling on the things that they do not have. Today, I wanted to share some of the things I am thankful for right now!

Family and Friends

I seriously have the best family and friends! My husband works long days and still always finds at least a little time to help me make this blog happen. My daughter makes every day an adventure. She is also the inspiration behind this blog! My parents are amazing grandparents to my little one and are always willing us to help in any way they can. My friends are always willing to let me bounce ideas for the blog off of them and are always there to just listen when I need to talk!

Cooler Weather

This year, it was hot for longer than it usually is where we live. We did not see typical fall weather until late October. I don’t love really cold weather and snow, but I was ready for crisp fall weather to come.

My Home

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I am thankful to have a place to call my own. We have lived in our home for about over 11 years now and although there are many things about it I can’t stand, I know that home ownership is not something everyone gets to experience.

My Readers and Followers

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When I came up with the idea for this blog, I wasn’t sure anyone would actually read it. The response to my posts has been better than I could ever have imagined. At this time last year, we had around three hundred visitors a month. Currently, we reach over a thousand visitors each month. If you are reading this, I’m extremely thankful that you choose to spend some of your free time on this site!

Access to Food and Clean Water

It can be so easy to forget that not everyone has regular access to food and clean water. I am thankful that we do not struggle to fill our fridge. We try to pay it forward by donating to others who may not have that ability!

Every Sunrise and Sunset

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I am thankful for both the beginning and the end of every day. The beginning is a new start and the end brings time to rest and recharge.

I’d love to hear from you! What are you thankful for right now?

Make Bath Time Fun with Dirty Birdie Bath Products

Make Bath Time Fun with Dirty Birdie Bath Products

As an adult, I look forward to a nice relaxing bath. However, children are not always as excited for bath time. One way to make bath time more fun is to offer fun bath products!

**This post is sponsored by Dresdner Essenz. All opinions expressed are our own.**

Fruity Tangerine Bubble Bath for Kids

The Dirty Birdie product line by Dresdner Essenz offers natural and cruelty free bubble bath and bath salts specifically designed for children ages three and up. Our family was able to try the Fruity Tangerine bubble bath, Exotic Fruits Bath Crackles, Thyme-Peppermint Scented Bath, and some seasonal bath salts. We also were sent some samples of Dresdner Essenz Detox Body Lotion. The lotion can be used by both kids and adults. To be honest, if your anything like me, you’ll be sneaking a late night bath with the amazing bubble bath as well!

Exotic Fruits Bath Crackles

The bath time fun will start before you open these products. The brightly colored packaging even looks really fun. Once the products are open, they smell amazing! The bubble bath produces the perfect amount of bubbles and the bath crackles will entertain little ones with crackling and snapping sounds.

Not only will these products have your kids begging to take a bath, but you can feel good about using them in your home! While these products are fairly new to the United States, Dresdner Essenz is an established company in Europe. The Dirty Birdie line of products carry the NATRUE seal of approval. This means they contain no Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or PEGs. The affordable prices allow you to buy these natural products without breaking your budget!

If you’ve gotten a chance to try out any of these products already, please let us know how you liked them! If you have not, what are you waiting on? You can order through their website!

The Best Compact First Aid Kit You Can Buy on Amazon

The Best Compact First Aid Kit You Can Buy on Amazon

There are a lot of first aid kits on the market, but we recently got the Mini First Aid Kit from SUMPRI and after taking some time to look at the contents, we have to say, it is a wonderful choice for your next first aid kit!

**We were given a discount on this product in order to review it. All opinions are ours. We were not directly financially compensated for this review.**

The first thing I noticed about this first aid kit was the small size. I was a bit curious about how the advertised 80 pieces could fit into such a small case, but when I opened up the kit, I could see that it was packed full of useful things! It weighs only 0.35 pound, but contains a burn gel pack, alcohol pads, antiseptic cleaning wipes, iodine wipes, bandages, tweezers, emergency whistle, gauze, a tourniquet and more!

Besides all of the first aid supplies, SUMPRI also includes instructional information that could be very useful in an emergency.

To see more of the contents of the first aid kit, check out this video!

This first is a wonderful choice for your car, house, or garage!

You can get one of for yourself here

Thanksgiving Writing Activity

Thanksgiving Writing Activity

November is half way over! Thanksgiving will be here soon. Last week, we shared a paper turkey that is great for little ones. Today, we want to share a writing craftivity that is perfect for older kids from ages six to twelve. Since we do not have a child in that age range, my toddler helped me create a sample turkey, but this activity is designed for older children. This activity would likely work best in a classroom or after school program setting, but can definitely be done at home as well.

Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (We used brown for the body, orange for the feet, and I let my toddler pick out the background color and the feather colors.)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Marker or Colored Pencil

The prep work for this is pretty easy. First draw feathers and then two turkey feet like shapes to be cut out.

Once those are cut out, ask the child or children to think about what they are thankful for. Next, have them write it on the brown paper. If you are working with a child or children who has not mastered writing small, you will want to have them write the words first and then cut out a turkey-ish shape around the words. For children who are towards the older end of the suggested age of this activity, you can have them cut out a turkey shape and then write on it afterwards.

Next, it is time to assemble the turkey! We started by gluing on the body, then the feathers. After that was done, we flipped it over and glued on the feet.

This craftivity will only take about 15 minutes, but it is a wonderful Thanksgiving activity for children that are too old for the toddler and preschool crafts that we often share. If you’d like to go one step further, you could also laminate this so that it could be used as a Thanksgiving day placemat!

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Super Simple Paper Turkey

Super Simple Paper Turkey

Thanksgiving is less than a month away and today, we did our first turkey themed craft of the year! This paper turkey is perfect for little ones under five!

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Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (We used brown for the turkey’s body and feet, orange for the beak, and red for the wattle. I let my toddler pick out the colors she wanted for the feathers. We glued everything on a piece of white paper).
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I started by cutting out a beak, the wattle, and two feet like shapes. Next, I traced my toddler’s foot on the brown paper and her hands on several colors of construction paper. After I was done tracing, I cut it all out. If your child is an older preschooler, you can let them do the cutting!

Next, I helped my toddler glue the cut out hand prints onto the white paper. If your child is under a year old, you can do the gluing for them. They won’t have as much fun as a toddler or preschooler would have with this, but it will be a great keepsake for you to look back on!

After the handprints were glued on, I gave my toddler the footprint to glue on. Once that was on, I gave her the wattle, beak, and feet.

Lastly, I gave her a marker to draw eyes on her turkey. You could also use googly eyes, but for this turkey, we decided to keep it simple!

Book Suggestions

If you’d like to pair this art project with a book, we have a few suggestions!

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Five Unique Gingerbread House Ideas

Five Unique Gingerbread House Ideas

I know Halloween was only a few days ago, but I feel like October flew by and I know that November will go fast as well. This holiday season, we hope to make a few new traditions. One new tradition that we’d like to start is building a gingerbread house together. Today, I want to share a few gingerbread house ideas.

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Gluten Free Gingerbread House

Photo Credit: Faithfully Gluten Free

Cardamom Cookie Gingerbread House

Photo Credit: Spabettie

“Hot Glue” & Gingerbread

Photo Credit: Houseful of Handmade

Gingerbread House from Scratch

Photo Credit: Mama Smiles

No Bake Gingerbread House

Photo Credit: Red Ted Art

Book Suggestions

If you want to end your day of holiday fun with a children’s book, here are some suggestions! We know that the holidays are already expensive, so all the books on this list are under $7.

I hope these ideas can inspire you to add gingerbread house building into your holiday traditions this year! If you’ve built one in the past, please leave us a few tips in the comments below!