Grilled Sweet Potatoes Made Easy With SUMPRI Grill Basket

Grilled Sweet Potatoes Made Easy With SUMPRI Grill Basket

While I love to share amazing recipes from other bloggers, I have never before shared a recipe that I have created myself. Today, I’m going to invite you on a dysfunctional journey as I adventure into my first food related blog post. We did not grill any over the summer, but when we got the SUMPRI Barbecue Grill Basket, I decided to try it out and share what I made!

**I was given a significant discount on the grill basket in order to share it with all of you. All options expressed are my own**

The SUMPRI Grill Basket is a portable stainless steel basket that features a removable handle. It can be used for meat or veggies, but I decided to use it to make grilled sweet potatoes.

For this recipe, I used two medium sized sweet potatoes, some olive oil, and brown sugar.

I started by cutting up the sweet potato into thin slices.

Next, I headed out to my grill with all of the ingredients and my new grill basket. I was impressed with how sturdy, but still super light, the basket was. It was super easy to carry and if we were traveling with it, it wouldn’t take up much room.

Next, I put the sweet potatoes into the grill basket, drizzled olive oil over both sides and cooked them about five minutes on each side.

This SUMPRI grill basket set also includes heat resistant grilling gloves and a brush to apply sauce or oil. The wooden handle of the grill basket doesn’t get hot, but the gloves will still come in handy while you are grilling! After the potatoes cooked for about 5 minutes on each side, I sprinkled some brown sugar over them and cooked them for an additional two to three minutes on each side.

Once they were finished, the grill basket made it easy to just dump them onto a plate. The last thing I did was sprinkle a bit of extra brown sugar over them. This is optional, but we really love brown sugar in our house!

The SUMPRI grilling basket made making this recipe so easy! It was easy to clean afterwards and the quality was great! If you want to try it for yourself, you can get it here.

We would love to hear from you! Do enjoy grilling in the fall? What is your favorite thing to grill?

15 responses to “Grilled Sweet Potatoes Made Easy With SUMPRI Grill Basket”

  1. Oh wow, this grilling basket looks awesome! My husband’s birthday is on Christmas Day and I’ve been trying to think of a few things to get him. He loves grilling so I know this would be a welcome gift!

  2. I love any grilled food. Grilled potatoes sounds like a great idea. This grilled basket is really great! perfect gift for those who loves to grill.

  3. It is fun) my kids love things like that) looks yummy and the grilled outside sounds just right to me right now)

  4. FIrst off, admitting *I* never use it, but yes – a grilling basket is a must-have! My hubby makes grilled mixed veggies in ours at least once a week!

    • I am the only one that grills in our house. My husband can not be trusted around any form of food. He served us burgers that were somehow both raw and burnt like 12 years ago and he has yet to live it down.

  5. I’ve been on a sweet potato kick lately. Seasonal I guess? I generally cook them in the air fryer but this would be great when the weathers warm enough to grill!

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