Mess Free Black Cat

Halloween is less than two weeks away and we have been slacking big time on the Halloween crafts! Today, we want to share a simple and mess free black cat!

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Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (We used two pieces of white, black, and pink)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Paint
  • Plastic Sandwich Bag
  • Googly Eyes

I started by slightly folding one piece of white paper so it would fit into the sandwich bag. Next, I put paint on the paper and slid it into the bag. After that, I gave it to my toddler so she could spread around the paint. We use this method of painting often because there is no mess to clean up!

This painting took awhile to dry. While it dried, I cut out two triangles and several long rectangles from the black construction paper. I also cut out two pink triangles slightly smaller than the black triangles and one more small pink triangle. Once the painting was completely dry, I cut out around the outline of the painted area.

Next, I helped my toddler glue the cat’s head onto the other piece of white paper. After that, she glued on the eyes, ears, nose, and whiskers. When we do art projects, I always try to offer as little guidance as possible.

The end result is an adorable black cat that won’t leave you cleaning up paint!

Book Suggestions

Little learners often learn the best when you pair up a book and a craft or activity! All of these books are under $10.

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13 responses to “Mess Free Black Cat”

  1. Oh man, I see lots and lots of CRAFTS in my future!!! My son is only almost 10 months now, but before I know it he is going to be into crafting!!

    1. We started things like this at about 8 months with my daughter. It’s a great sensory experience. She didn’t do much other than play with the bag at that point, but she loved do that then watching us finish the project.

  2. I love mess free crafts! I just got this Pete the Cat book today for the boys, we will have to do this with it!

    1. Pete the Cat is a favorite in our house!

  3. I am all for anything that is a) mess-free and b) super-cute. Fortunately this is both!!!

  4. This is really cool and I should share that post with my sister-in-law so she can do with my niece. Although, I am not really skilled, but I appreciate any art and craft work.

  5. You had me at mess free. Which is the exact way I like my craft projects with the kiddo!

    1. Me too! We have done a lot of messy art lately, so it was nice to do something that didn’t require tons of clean up.

  6. This is so cute! I love the pink ears, I know my kids would have fun making this!

  7. This is so cool!!! I am gonna make it with my daughter, i love the idea.

  8. My son is obsessed with Pete the Cat so this craft is perfect! I can’t wait to make this with him.

    1. The Pete the cat books are so much fun!

  9. Wow, this a perfect craft for my class (I teach 3 years old) or younger! I might have to try this out!

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