Multi-Media Fall Tree

Fall weather is finally starting to make an appearance in Ohio. To celebrate, we created a multi-media fall art project. This easy art was a lot of fun for us to do together at home, but it could also be used in a classroom setting.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Paint (We used orange, yellow, red and brown)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton Swabs

I started by getting the paint out and ready to use. I put a cotton swab in each paint color. Next, I cut out a tree trunk like shape along with several different sized rectangles from the brown paper.

Once my toddler sat down, I have her the tree trunk to glue onto her paper. Next, I helped her put glue onto the rectangles and told her to build a tree. I tried to offer very little guidance as to where she should place the trees “branches”. I always like to encourage her creativity.

After my toddler put together her tree, I gave her the paint. I used a cotton swab to put a few dots on one of the branches, but other than that, let her decide where on the paper she wanted to paint.

This art project did get a bit messy, but it was a lot of fun!

9 responses to “Multi-Media Fall Tree”

  1. My boys both love to paint and are always looking for painting projects. We will have to try this together soon.

  2. Nice art, its good to keep the kids busy with stuff like this and it will also build their skills. It could also be a Christmas tree with some adjustment and improvement.

  3. So fun! My niece loves art projects. Just last week she and her mom bought tons of art supplies and she’s only 5! She will enjoy this.

  4. This is super fun! I just did a craft that had the kids paint with leaves in my preschool class. The kids loved it!

  5. Oh, what another lovely and simply clever project! I love how you always strike the perfect balance between those two. You could do a “snowy tree” version, too, on lt blue paper with brown branches and then white paint!

    1. Thank you! We did a winter version on a very large scale to put up on our playroom wall shortly before my daughter’s first Christmas. It was before we started the blog. I’m sure we will do a fun variation this winter too!

  6. My son and I do craft projects almost every day. I can’t wait to make this fun fall tree with him!

    1. We hope he enjoys it as much as our little one did!

  7. Omg how cute!!! I will have to make this with my daughter next week when she’s out of school for thanksgiving

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