Torn Paper Pumpkin

We love fall! Today, we made a paper pumpkin.

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Materials Needed

  • Construction Paper (Orange, Green, and White)
  • Glue

This pumpkin craft is super easy and has no prep work other than gathering the materials. To start, I had my toddler tear up the orange construction paper. Next, I gave her the green to tear up.

After the paper was torn, I set it aside and gave her the glue bottle. I told her to make a circle with the glue. If your child is a young toddler, you may need to guide their hands for this step!

Next, I gave her the orange construction paper to cover the glue.

To finish, I helped her put some glue on the top of the pumpkin and then gave her the green paper she tore to glue on.

This simple pumpkin took about 10 minutes and is a great way to encourage fine motor skills!

Book Suggestions

Little learners often enjoy an activity or craft more when it is paired with a book!

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11 responses to “Torn Paper Pumpkin”

  1. This is so cute! My youngest son actually started almost the same project in preschool last week! They weren’t dry in time to bring home on Friday, but he showed it to me at pickup. He can’t wait to bring it home to hang in his room for his first decoration in there for the season!

    1. The glue can definitely take awhile to dry on crafts like this!

  2. My niece and nephew are all over projects like this. It’s kind of driving their parents crazy LOL but the kids love it. Will forward this just in time for Halloween.

  3. Oh I love this craft! Going to do this with Liam for sure in October!

  4. So cute as always! And those are perfect books to pair with it! My youngest especially loves the Mouse book you featured above.

    1. My daughter loves every book that features Mouse.

  5. I love doing these types of crafts in my classroom (I teach 3 years old) because it seems easy but it boosts motor skills!

  6. Such a cleaver idea. I’ll have to try this with my toddler.

  7. My son loves Five Little Pumpkins! This is such a perfect craft to do with him.

  8. What a lovely craft! I really love that you paired it with a story book in the same theme!

  9. It is always good to enjoy some home crafts for sure. Nice and easy and simple is always the best way forward xx

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